Zenkov, Nikolai Trofimovich

February 16, 19271927-02-16
Place of birth:
Koldybansky district, Samara region
Date of death:
January 9, 19981998-01-09 70 years old, Place of death:
Togliatti city,
Samara Region
Country: USSR, Russia, Awards and Prizes:
Nikolay Trofimovich Zenkov February 16, 1927, Krivoluchye-Ivanovka Koldybansky District of Samara Region - January 9, 1998, Togliatti - Soviet builder, foreman of the integrated brigade, Hero of Socialist Labor - Content - 1 Biography - 2 Awards - 3 Notes - 4 Literature - 5 Links - Biography edit | edit code
Born in 1927
Member of World War II Since 1956 he worked as a foreman of carpenters of the Neftezavodstroy trust
Since 1966 he worked on the construction of AvtoVAZ, foreman of the integrated youth brigade of the SU-12 trust of the Avtozavodstroy trust of the PSMO Kuybyshevgidrostroy ”That initiated the project: one and a half to two norms for laying concrete per shift
A participant in the construction of AvtoVAZ, ToAZ, VAZ TPP, EPO“ Volga ”, AvtoVAZagregat, DS“ Volgar ”, railway station, housing, social welfare and industrial zones Tolyatti
Member of the socialist s jealousy Twelfth construction management Avtozavodstroya competed with management "Prokatpromstroy" Kazakhstan Magnitogorsk, and the complex brigade Nikolai Trofimovich Zenkova - with teams of Roman Truskovetskogo and Vitaly Stepanenko from "Prokatpromstroya" 1

Nagradypravit Died in 1998 | edit code - Hero of Socialist Labor 1973
Order of Lenin 1973
Order of the October Revolution
Notes edit code
↑ Automotive & gt; Factory without compromise - Page 408 - References edit code
Creators: Stavropol-Tolyatti building complex 1950-2000 / Edited by S. Melnik - Tolyatti: Etazhi-M, 2003 - 447 s, ill, ph - Bibliography: from 91-93 76 names - Names decree: Ñ412-443
Builders of the Samara region: Persons: AZ - Samara: Samar House of Seals, 1996 - 447 sec., Il
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City Hall of the Togliatti city district - Heroes of Socialist Labor
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Зенков, Николай Трофимович

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