Zack, Alexander Naumovich

October 5, 18901890-10-05, Place of birth: Moscow, Date of death: 19551955, Place of death: New York, Occupation: Economist
Awards and prizes:
Guggenheim Scholarship 1936 [1]
Alexander Naumovich Zak genus October 5, 1890, Moscow - 1955, New York, USA - Russian economist, privat-docent of Petrograd University Author of works on financial and economic issues
Studied at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute and the Law Faculty of Moscow University Published in Russian Thought, Commercial and Industrial Newspaper, and Stock Exchange News yach, Vestnik Finansov and other publications
In the 1920s he became a professor of law in Paris and wrote several works on the legitimacy and content of public debt [2]
“ Peasant Land Bank ”M, 1911
“ Russian Bond Law ”Petrograd, 1917
“ Germans and German Capital in Russian Industry ”Petrograd, 1918
“ Currency and Issue Transactions in Russia ”Petrograd, 1918
Articles in the Bulletin of Finance, Industry, and Trade, 1917 [3]
Russian-American Economic Relations, No. 10, pp. 464-470
Financing agrarian reform No. 25, S 466-470; No. 26, C 499-505; No. 27, Ñ 002—008
Bonds in Russia No. 35, Ñ 252—262
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↑ Debt burden
↑ Bulletin of finance, industry and trade 1917 Chronological index of articles
Critical and biographical dictionary of Russian writers and scholars from the beginning of Russian education to the present day St. Petersburg, 1889-1914
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Зак, Александр Наумович

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