Zhivago, Alexander Vasilievich (collector)

doctor, art critic, collector - Date of birth:
Place of birth: Moscow, Citizenship: Citizenship:
Russian Empire Russian Empire
Date of death:
19401940 - The place of death:
Aleksander Vasilyevich Zhivago 1860-1940 - Russian doctor, from 1919-1938 an employee of the Pushkin Museum. Known as a collector of ancient Egyptian art and photographer
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Biography edit
Born in a wealthy merchant family Without feeling a call to commerce, he graduated from the medical faculty of I ician of the Imperial Moscow University, from 1886, he served in the Golitsyn Hospital Job allows you to keep a secular way of life; until his death, AB was a hobby in Zhivago. From the age of 14 he kept a theater diary, the original of which is kept at the AA Bakhrushin State Central Theater Museum, he was friends with K Stanislavsky, F Shalyapin, A Nezhdanova, P Korin. He was a member of many Moscow societies, including the Russian Photographic Society From ordinary amateur photography, stereo pairs from the AV Zhivago photo archive differ in that they are provided with detailed author's comments that turn them into a historical document. Never married, since 18 97 years old began to travel actively. In 1897-1898 he traveled around Crimea, the Caucasus and the lower Volga. In 1900 he was invited to the medical congress in Paris, dedicated to the World Exhibition. He continued to travel, in 1901-1907, mainly to European countries. In 1909— In 1910 he took a long trip to Egypt and the countries of the Middle East, from this period he was keenly interested in ancient civilizations and began collecting their monuments, however, in his autobiography he dated the beginning of his fascination with Egyptology since 1896.1 Gradually, his name with As is known among specialists, back in 1915 BA Turaev invited him to go to the Museum of Fine Arts. After his dismissal from the hospital, in 1919 he was invited to the Department of Antiquities, which saved him from starvation. 2 From 1923 he served in the Department of the Classical East as a accompanied by a demonstration of his own photographs. Retired since 1938. Died in 1940, bequeathing his collection to the Museum of Fine Arts. In 1998, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts hosted an exhibition dedicated to the memory of Alexander Vasilyevich and on it were presented a large number of objects from his Egyptian collection. The analysis of the photo archive began later, it has more than 6,000 stereo pairs on glass, more than 1,000 negatives, about 500 stereo pairs on cardboard The photo exhibition AB Zhivago was presented to the general public in 2015
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↑ Zhivago, 1998, Gelman VA Aviv Zhivago 1860-1940, p 14
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Живаго, Александр Васильевич (коллекционер)

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