Demin, Nikita Stepanovich

October 31, 19101910-10-31
Birthplace - Village of Molokovo, Moscow Province, Russian Empire today: Orekhovo-Zuevsky District, Moscow Region, Russia - Date of death
May 27, 19891989-05 -27 78 years old - Place of death - Moscow city, USSR
Belonging to the USSR of the USSR
Rank - Battles / Wars - The Great Patriotic War - Awards and prizes
Nikita Stepanovich Dyomin 1910-1989 - Soviet military leader, member of the Military Council of several districts, lieutenant general, participant of the Great Patriotic War Hero of the Soviet Union
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Biography edit
Dyomin’s grave at the Kuntsevsky cemetery in Moscow
Born on October 31, 1910 in the village of Molokovo, Orekhovo-Zuevsky district, Moscow region, in a working Russian family Tsyurupa weaving factory in the Voskresensky district, first as a student and then as a turner. In 1931 he graduated from three courses of the Noginsk rabfak. He worked as secretary of the Noginsk district committee of the Komsomol of the Moscow region. Then, by decision of the Moscow regional party committee, he headed the Komsomol organization of the Elektrostal plant
Member of the CPSU / CPSU since 1930. In 1932 he was drafted into the Red Army. After graduating from the courses, he worked as an assistant to the head of the political department for the Komsomol of the Stalingrad flight school. In 1938 he graduated from the Military-Political Academy named after V.I. Lenin and the Aviation Department. In 1939 he was appointed head of the propaganda and agitation department of the political department of the Separate Far Eastern Red Banner Army, where he found the Great Patriotic War
In the battles of the Great Patriotic War from December 1941, was the commissar of the 7th airborne corps, from of which the 2nd Guards Airborne Division was formed, the commander of which was appointed Major General PI Lyapin, and NS Demin as his deputy for political affairs. In 1943, Demin was appointed head of the political department of the 17th Guards Rifle Corps, commanded by Lieutenant General Bondarev AL They traveled along front-line roads until Victory Day, ending the war on May 12, 1945, defeating and capturing part of Field Marshal F. Schörner in the battles for Prague - After the end of World War II, NS Demin, the heads to the political department of the army, member of the Military Council - head of the political department of the Baltic Military District, Turkestan Military District, deputy chairman of the Central Committee of DOSAAF
Since 1973, Lieutenant General NS Demin - retired Lived in Moscow - Died May 27, 1989 years Buried in Moscow at Kuntsevsky cemetery plot number 12
Son - VN Dyomin 1942-2006, writer, Doctor of Philosophy
Awards send
Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR of May 7, 1965 for exemplary performance of combat missions of the command skillful guidelines your political party work in combat conditions, the courage and heroism shown in the fight against the fascist invaders, and to mark the 20th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in World War II, Demina Nikita Stepanovich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Order of Lenin and the Golden Star medal »No. 10698
He was also awarded four orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, Order of the Patriotic War of the 2nd degree, four orders of the Red Star, medals, foreign orders and medals
Remedy - NS Demin: Obituary // Red Star - 1989 - May 31 - Bibliography edit - Demin NS War and People / NS Demin - M: Military Publishing, 1972 - 272 s, 10 L ill - Military memoirs - Demin N. With the Communists, go! / N S Demin - K: Politizdat of Ukraine, 1979 - 240 s
Demin N S Meditations / N S Demin - Tashkent: Yosh Guard, 1983 - 120 s
Demin N S Glory not to fade: essays / N S Demin - M: DOSAAF, 1987 - 112 s, 8 l ill
References edit - Demin, Nikita Stepanovich Website “Heroes of the country”
Our Heroes - Demin Nikita Stepanovich
Nikita Stepanovich Demin - Elektrostal in faces
Noginsky district in the frontline zone

Дёмин, Никита Степанович

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