Dunin, Ivan Petrovich

1752 (1752) - Date of death - 1806 (1806) - Belonging to - Russian Empire, Russian Empire
Military branch
general from the cavalry
Chef of the Elizavetgrad 3rd Hussars Regiment
He commanded the division of the Main Corps in the army MV Kakhovsky (1792),
1st part of the Main Corps in Poland (1794)
Awards and prizes
Ivan Petrovich Dunin-Barkovsky (1752-1806?) [1] - Russian general of Ukrainian origin, chief of Elisavetgradsky Hussar Regiment (1796-1798).
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Descendant of the ancient family of the Dunin coat of arms Cygnus , one branch of which, after the annexation in 1655 of Smolensk during the Russo-Polish war (1654–1667), entered Russian citizenship. Another, descending from Nicholas, Castellan Polanetsky (1680), moved to Russia in 1702. Ivan Petrovich Dunin came from this branch (Herbovnik, VII, 168 and XI, 40).
He was enlisted at the age of thirteen. He owned a family estate in the village. Staraya Vodolaga (now Novovodolazhsky district of Kharkov region).
Member of many wars and battles: the Russian-Turkish war (1787-1792). In 1788, Ochakov stormed. From 1789 - Major General.
In 1792, during the Russo-Polish War, I.P. Dunin-Barkovsky commanded a division of the Main Corps as part of the army of M.V. Kakhovsky. He took part in the assault on Prague.
March 25, 1793 he was awarded the title of lieutenant-general. In 1794 he took command of the 1st part of the Main Corps in Poland.
After the accession to the throne of the Russian Empire, Paul I. I. Dunin-Barkovsky was appointed cavalry inspector of the Ekaterinoslav and Tauride provinces. He was in this position from 1796 to 1797.
From November 29, 1796 to March 13, 1798 - chief of the Elizavetgrad 3rd Hussar Regiment.
In December 1797, I.P. Dunin-Barkovsky was awarded the rank of cavalry general.
Recognition - General I.P. Dunin-Barkovsky enjoyed the respect and recognition of his military merits among the military general, his associates P. Rumyantsev, A. Suvorov, M. Kutuzov, G. Potemkin, P. Bagration and others.
Cavalier of the Russian Order of St. Alexander Nevsky (1793), Order of St. Anna (1789), Order of St. George 4th degree (1789).
Maria Dmi trievna, wife
He was married to Maria (Martha) Dmitrievna Norova (d. 1852), daughter of D. A. Norov (1730-88), major general, Sloboda Ukrainian governor (1755), ruler of the Kharkov governorate (1786- 88). Being at one time maid of honor of Catherine the Great, Dunina maintained correspondence with Empress Maria Feodorovna and always accompanied her husband in military campaigns. Widowed, she lived in a family estate in the village of Vodolagi in the Kharkov province, where, in addition to her children and grandchildren, her nieces lived, including the young widow Elizaveta Andreyevna Bibikova (1788-1857), who became the wife of A. Kh. Benkendorf. In the marriage, the Dunins had 6 daughters and their only son:
Vasily (d. 1812), adjutant to the commander in chief M. I. Kutuzov; died in 1812 on the Borodino field.
Elena (1789–1866), married to General K.K. Sievers (1772–1856).
Maria, married to Grevs.
Evdokia, married to Senator P S. Cherepanov.
Catherine (1797-1846), married to I.O. Kuris (d. 1836)
Sophia (1798-1818), married to Nikolai Dmitrievich Bakhmetev, their daughter Catherine (1822 —1889) married Prince Yu. N. Golitsyn.
Barbara (1799-1890), married to Lieutenant General G.F. Pilar von Pilchau (1793-1862)
↑ His great-granddaughter E. Yu. Khvoshchinskaya wrote in her memoirs that the wife of great-grandfather M.D. Dunin lived in about widowhood for 46 years, knowing that she died in 1852, it is possible to specify the year of the death of I.P. Dunin.
Biographical Encyclopedia. Dunin-Barkovsky Ivan Petrovich - Zabuta istoriya village (Ukrainian)
Dunin-Barkovsky Ivan Petrovich

Дунин, Иван Петрович

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