House S. A. Zemlyanova

regional monument of architecture
historical and architectural monumentHouse of SA ZemlyanovaDom where the Muslim Socialist Committee was created and Mullanur Vakhitov worked House of SA Zemlyanov after restoration, 2013
55 ° 47′19 ″ with w 49 ° 06′32 ″ â äÃÃßOL - Country - Russia Russia Russia - Location - Kazan, Moskovskaya street, 37
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Basic dates
1895 - Construction of a building2012 year - Restoration of the building
Condition of the restoration - House SA A Zemlyanova on Wikimedia Commons
House SA A Zemlyanova Kazan, 37 Moskovskaya St. - a building in the historical center, in the Vakhitovsky district of Kazan, built at the end of the 19th century. It is a bright sight of the Old Tatar settlement, an object of cultural heritage of regional republican significance.
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The building is two-story, brick. The first floor is rusticated and broken by a series of arched windows framed by flat architraves. The main facade is solved in a symmetrical composition. The facades are saturated with an eclectic architectural decor, frieze flat it is decorated with modulons, garlands, molded rosettes with mascarons. On the front facade there is a balcony with openwork metal fencing
The history of the building originates from a big fire May 25, 1859 Starting in a Tatar settlement, it spread to Zabulachye and practically destroyed it completely This event became the starting point in updating the city’s development
According to archival data, in 1860 the building at 37 Moskovskaya Street belonged to the Oreshnikov family of merchants. At this time, the house was two-story with three windows with wooden windows with boat services. With them, the house was rebuilt several times: two stone two-story volumes were added to the house, as well as one-story stone cold services along the perimeter of the home ownership. House SA Zemlyanova - Kazan, Moskovskaya St., 37 Object of cultural heritage of regional republican significance
House ZA Zemlyanova - Kazan, Moskovskaya St., 37 Object of cultural heritage of regional republican significance
The next owner of the building was Verkholensky merchant Arkhip Antonovich Latyshev He made new changes I am in the structure of the estate: an extension to the outbuilding of a one-story stone under an iron roof scope of services, completing the perimeter development of the site, a firewall with a trellised iron fence on stone pillars
Then the owner of the house became a merchant and philanthropist Sergei Alexandrovich Zemlyanov At the beginning of the 20th century SA Zemlyanov belonged to 7 towing steamships and 54 wooden barges SA Zemlyanov gave a lot of public and charity work. At his own expense, he repaired the Church of Moscow Miracle Workers, built a building in Kazan River School, spending 25,000 rubles on it and donating its own land plot In 1897, Sergei Alexandrovich attached a stone two-story building to the house and remodeled the facade in a new taste - After October 1917, the building of the Muslim Socialist Committee of the MSC created by the revolutionary MM M Vakhitov in April 1917 In the same building was the editorial board of the newspaper of the Kyzyl Bayrak committee Red Banner, and in 1918 and 1919 the headquarters of the Red Guards were located, organizing the suppression of the counter-revolutionary Zabulachnaya r of the Republic ”Then the music school was located in the building
In April 2012 [1] the building was transferred to the ASG Investment Group [2] as part of a public-private partnership between Marya Kazan and ASG Investment Group for joint development of the Kazan metropolitan area and ASG's participation in the restoration and reconstruction of the historic city center, concluded on February 16, 2012 [3]
After the start of research, data on the architectural features of the building expanded. Judging by the numerous In the walls of the first floor, the building underwent a large number of reconstructions, which is confirmed by archival documents. So, traces of a flight of stairs were found that led to the second floor right from the left entrance of the main facade. The limited financial capabilities of the last owner of the building saved him from major reconstructions and brought to us genuine elements of the facade decors and interiors of the premises of the second floor
Currently, a lot of work has been done to audit the safety of the elements of the stucco decoration of the facades and restoration the aster workshops were completely lost [4] There, work was underway on the restoration of the metal fencing of the balcony But the unabsorbed pedestal supports, the visors themselves of the entrances from Moskovskaya St., the fences were made in accordance with the restoration project based on photographic materials and analogues
By 2015 the interior of the building will be filled with unique exhibits of the International Institute of Antiques and thereby recreate an atmosphere authentic to the era of its construction [5]
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Scientific journal "World of Art" : Bulletin of the ASG International Institute of Antiques ”No. 1 01 2013, article“ Object of cultural heritage “The house where the Muslim Socialist Committee was created and worked by Mullanur Vakhitov, historically by the last owner House Mo Zemlyanova St. skovskaya, d. 37 “” - Links
Kazan City Administration Server - Old Kazan
↑ Iske Kazan ASG took three more historical buildings for restoration in the center of Kazan Archival copy of 27 September 2013 at Wayback Machine
↑ Official site of ASG Investment Group of Companies
↑ IA Tatar-Inform Billionaire Semin will restore 17 buildings in the historical center of Kazan to the Universiade
↑ Shopping and Entertainment Center Kazan KZN video report “Unique architectural stucco molding”
↑ Official site of ASG International Institute of Antiques reveals plans for restoration radio historic center backup copy of the September 27, 2013 at the Wayback Machine

Дом С. А. Землянова

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