Dolgov, Afanasy Ivanovich

Afanasy Ivanovich Dolgov March 5, 1725, - 1804 - Moscow Mayor 17911792-17941795 [1] [2] [3] [4], merchant of the 1st Guild 1782-1801 [1] [2] [3] [4], merchant petty officer 1768 [1] [2], was twice elected to the post of ratman of the second department of the Moscow city magistrate 1779-1781 and 1786-1789 [1] [2], businessman and public figure [1]
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Originally from the family of the Kaluga merchant Ivan Osipovich Dolgov After arriving in Moscow in 1744, together with his brother Luka Ivanovich Dolgov, they were counted in Moskovs th merchants, where each of them became a merchant of the 1st guild. The brothers conducted a large foreign trade in hemp, and brought foreign goods through the St. Petersburg port [1] [2] They had the largest income among the merchants, but already in 1762 Athanasius and Luka began to trade separately from each other [2]
Under Dolgov, the construction of the Gostiny Dvor, begun by Mikhail Pavlovich Gubin, continued [2] With the active trade in foreign goods, in December 1792 in Moscow Moscow began to excess goods exported from revolutionary France. real Under the supervision of Dolgov, the Moscow Duma decided to repair Mytny Dvor on Moskvoretskaya Street, although this did not completely solve the problem [1] [2]
And Dolgov was considered a major philanthropist. He was known by the nickname "pious husband", who received from wanderers going to Athos, whom he supplied with money for the journey [1] [2] With Dolgov’s funds, the architect VI Bazhenov, who was his relative [1] [2] [5], carried out a complete reconstruction of the church of the icon of the Mother of God “All Mourners Joy ”, and also were an attachment s bell tower and a refectory with two pridelamiv 1791godu; The subsequent partial restructuring was carried out by the architect O. Bove in 1831-1836 [1] [2] [4]
Also in the book “Stories of Sergei Mikhailovich Golitsyn, recorded by MP Poludensky”, a case was recorded of how Simonovsky saved Dolgov from complete closure Monastery:
In the reign of Empress Catherine II, Simonov Monastery was sealed, and the cells turned into barracks; one church was left, in which the regimental priest served on the holidays of the Merchants of Moscow regretted the monastery; the city head Afanasy Ivanovich Dolgov, in consultation with other merchants, decided to ask the Empress to transfer the barracks; he assured the Empress that on the night of Christ’s Resurrection, although the church was sealed, it saw consecration, the Empress agreed to transfer the barracks, the monastery was reopened , Afanasy Ivanovich Dolgov updated it and put 200 tons of capital for its maintenance
[4] [6]
Funds were also allocated for the construction of chapels of saints in the church of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God of Simon Monastery in 1796 [1] [ 2]
He died on March 5, 1804, Buried in the Simonovsky Monastery
He was married to the daughter of the owner of the Large Cloth Manufactory Glykeria Efimovna Bolotin [2] He was the father of seven children [3]:
Catherine 1760-1763
Anna 1761-1763 - Peter 1764 - after 1795 - Prime Minister - Catherine 1766-1783
Anna 1770 - after 1795 - Natalya 1774-1786 - Alexander 1776 - after 1795
Also had a brother - Dolgov Lukyan Ivanovich - Literature
The stories of Sergei Mikhailovich Golitsyn recorded by MP Poludensky // Russian Archive, 1869 - Issue 4 - Stb 627-644 [6]
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Долгов, Афанасий Иванович

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