Gift of Pomerania (frigate)

Dar Pomorie (Polish: Dar Pomorza) - a three-masted Polish sailing ship, built in 1909.
Sailboat is a museum ship, located in the city of Gdynia, as a branch of the Central Maritime Museum in Gdansk [1].
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The ship was built in 1909 at the Bloma and Foss shipyards in Hamburg under the name "Princess Eitel Frederick ”, after which it was used as a training ship of the merchant German fleet until the outbreak of the First World War.
During the First World War the ship was used as a base for submarine crews in Cologne.
After the First World War, the vessel was transferred to France as a trophy, where it changed its name to Colbert, it was planned to use it as a training vessel, but in the end it was transferred to Baron Forest of Nantes as compensation for the Toran yacht requisitioned during the war.
In 1929, the ship was bought back for 7 thousand pounds by the Polish community in Pomerania.
After a major repair at the shipyard in Denmark, it was named Dar Pomorza "(Gift of Pomerania) and arrived to Poland in June 1930, where it was transferred to the Higher Maritime School in Gdansk as a training vessel.
In 1934-1935, the vessel traveled around the world through the Panama Canal.
During the Second World War, Dar Pomorza was interned in Sweden and from 01/09/1939 to 10/21/1945 was joking in Stockholm.
The ship returned to Gdynia on 10/24/1945 and training sessions were resumed on it.
The vessel won Operation Sail twice, and in 1980, the Gift of Pomerania won the Cutty Sark Trophy. In addition, he repeatedly held leading positions in the regattas of 1974, 1976 and 1978.
During 51 years of service, the ship completed 102 training voyages, visited 383 ports, having traveled more than half a million nautical miles during this time. 13,384 naval school cadets were trained on his deck.
The last frigate flight took place in September 1981 under the command of Captain Tadeusz Olekhnovich to the Finnish port of Kotka. On August 4, 1982, Dar Pomorza was formally dismissed from service, and on the same day the flag was hoisted on his successor - “The Gift of Youth”, which was designed and built in Gdansk.
Currently, “Dar Pomorza” is used as a museum ship in Gdynia. The museum presents the original interior of the cabins with a collection of exhibits collected by the crew of the ship on long voyages, logbooks.
In numismatics - Coin issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, 2009
Dar Pomorza depicted on the obverse of silver coins in denominations 2 and 5 zloty dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the creation of the seaport in the city of Gdynia, issued by the Polish Republic in 1936.
In 1980, the Republic of Poland issued a copper-nickel jubilee coin in denomination of 20 zlotys “50 years of the Gift of Pomerania.”
K 75th anniversary of sailing As of April 27, 2005, in the series “History of the Zloty”, the Polish People's Bank issued coins in denominations of 2 zł from Nordic and 10 zl from silver with the image of commemorative coins of the 1936 model.
In 2009, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus introduced commemorative coins “Gift of Pomerania” of the series “Sailing Ships”: silver - with a face value of 20 rubles, and copper-nickel with a face value of 1 ruble. [2]
Princess Eitel Friedrich, 1909-1920 - Gift of Pomorie, May 1952
The Gift of Pomorie, 1962
The Gift of Pomorie, 2008
Sailboats of the series
Dar Pomorza is the second of a series of four of the same type of sailing ship:
Duchesse Anne, built in 1901
Statsraad Lehmkuhl, built in 1914
Schulschiff Deutschland, built in 1927
↑ Dar Pomorza // Official website of the Central Maritime Museum in Gdansk
↑ Commemorative coins “The Gift of Help (Dar Pomorza)” // Official Website of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
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Дар Поморья (фрегат)

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