Gripenberg (Swede. Gripenberg) is a Russian (Finnish) noble family of Swedish descent.
Their ancestor, John Wittmann of Östergötland, the military commissar, was elevated to Sweden as a nobility with the surname Gripenberg in 1678 and entered into the matrix under No. 931. One branch of this kind, which accepted Russian citizenship and lived in Finland, received a baronial dignity:
Johan Ulrich Sebastian Gripenberg [fi] (1795-1869) - Senator of the Finnish Senate, was raised with descendant offspring 1/13 January 1865 to the baronial of the Grand Duchy of Finland Skogen dignity and 13/25 April 1866 his family was introduced in the House of the Knights Matriculation CCF among the baronial birth under number 48.
Johann Axel Gripenberg (Johan Aksel Gripenberg) - from 1886 to 1889. Governor of the Uleaborg Province of the Grand Duchy of Finland
Johannes Gripenberg [fi] (1842-1893) - in 1889-1891. Governor of the St. Michel Province of the Grand Duchy of Finland.
Grippenberg, Oscar-Ferdinand Kazimirovich (1838-1915) - Russian infantry general (December 6, 1900), participant in the Crimean War, Turkestan campaigns and the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 , commander of the 2nd Manchurian Army in the Russo-Japanese War.
Sebastian Gripenberg [fi] (1850-1925) - Finnish architect.
Bertel Gripenberg [fi] (1878-1947) - Finnish Swedish-language writer.
Maggie Gripenberg (1881-1976) - Finnish ballerina.
Alexandra Gripenberg [fi] (1857-1913) - Finnish writer Itza, politician, feminist.
In Ukraine there lived a descendant of the Gripenberg clan on the female line Sergey Dmitrievich Dudkin (originally Dudkin-Gripenberg) (1930–2014), Honored Art Worker of the Ukrainian SSR, former leader of the Zaporizhzhya Symphony Orchestra (1971-1985) and teacher of the Zaporizhzhya College of Music [1].
Description of the coat of arms
In the azure shield, on a green mountain, a golden vulture (vowel emblem: grip - vulture and berg - mountain), holding a silver core in the right front paw. The same coat of arms is repeated in the shield of the baronial coat of arms. The motto of the baronial coat of arms CAESARI ET PATRIAE (To the Emperor and the Fatherland).
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