Gibbs, Liliane Suzette

September 10, 18701870-09-10 - Place of birth: London,
Date of death:
January 30, 19251925-01-30 54 years old, Place of death:
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Country: United Kingdom
Science: Botany
Place of work: British Museum
Known as: Botanist
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Systematic wildlife
Author of the names of a number of botanical taxa In the botanical binary nomenclature, these names are supplemented by the abbreviation “Gibbs”
List of such taxa on the IPNI website
Personal page on the IPNI website
Page n on Wikidows - Lilian Suzette Gibbs eng Lilian Suzette Gibbs, 1870-1925 - English botanist working at the British Museum in London
Gibbs has collected many new plants for science, some of them are named after her, for example, Racemobambos gibbsiae Was in expeditions in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, USA
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Гиббс, Лилиан Сюзет

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