Whoopi Goldberg

Karin Elaine Johnson
Date of birth:
November 13, 1955 ({{padleft: 1955 | 4 | 0}} - {{padleft: 11 | 2 | 0}} - {{padleft: 13 | 2 | 0} }) (59 years old)
Birthplace: Manhattan, New York, USA
actress, film producer
1981 - present time
Awards: Oscar (1991), Golden Globe (1986, 1991), BAFTA (1991), IMDb: ID ID 0000155, Whoopi Goldberg Wikimedia Commons
Woopi Goldberg (born Whoopi Goldberg; real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson); born November 13, 1955 (19551113), Manhattan, New York, USA) is an American theater and film actress, producer, screenwriter, TV presenter, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. One of the few celebrities to be awarded four major American prestigious awards: Academy Award, Grammy, Emmy and Tony. There are also two Golden Globes in her piggy bank of awards, BAFTA and Star on the Walk of Fame. One of the brightest Hollywood stars of the 1980-1990s.
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Childhood and Youth
Karin Elaine Johnson was born 13 November 1955 (19551113) in a New York, mainly emigrant, Chelsea region, in a poor family. Whoopi's mother, Emma (d. 2010), worked as a nurse and teacher; father - Robert James Johnson Jr. (1930-1993) was a priest [1].
The nickname “Whoopee” (from the English “whoopee cushion” - “pillow-fart”), which she later made her acting alias, Karin received in childhood. She said: “If you get pissed, you need to let out gases. Therefore, people told me: “You are like a pillow-fart”. So my name appeared ”[2] [3]. At the suggestion of her mother, Karin took the pseudonym Goldberg: Johnson’s surname “is not Jewish enough to make her a star.” [4]. From the age of eight she began performing in the experimental children's theater Helen Rubenstein, where she gained the first experience of performing on stage and the only ones in her life acting lessons. Teachers highly appreciated the early talent of the girl.
Karin did not receive a full general education: she was among the laggards for several years, and then was forced to drop out of school due to difficulties in learning to read and write - dyslexia [5].
 In the late 1960s, Karin joined the hippie movement. She left home to live in a commune where she was addicted to marijuana, and later to harder drugs [6]. For a long time I didn’t work anywhere, I existed on unemployment benefits. She tried several times to get rid of drug addiction, but everything was unsuccessful, until her meeting in the early 1970s with Alvin Martin, an activist of the organization Against Drugs. Alvin convinced her of the need to change her life, helped quit drugs. Soon they got married, a year later, Karin had a daughter, Alexander.
Karin worked as a night watchman, laid bricks, made up the dead in the morgue, until, finally, in 1974, through one of the theater agencies she managed to find an acting position in the new theater of the city San Diego Alvin refused to leave New York, and they had to leave; together with her daughter Karin moved to the west coast of America.
Goldberg at the Cannes Film Festival in 1992
She began her theater career under the pseudonym Whoopi Goldberg. In San Diego, she participated in the creation of the City Theater Repertory Theater, then moved to the Black Street Theater (San Francisco). She played in several amateur troupes.
One of her first works was the main role in the play “Mother Courage”. After one evening, Whoopi had to replace one of the sick actors along with playing the leading role, she got the idea of a one-man show in which she herself would perform 6 roles - from a beggar to a millionaire.
This project, implemented in 1983, received the name "Ghost Show" and was a great success. With him, Whoopi toured not only in America, but also in Canada and Europe. The performance was spotted by director Mike Nichols, who in 1984 helped Whoopy organize a Broadway show. Here she received an invitation to a number of productions, in particular, she took part in the musical “Jesus Christ is a superstar.”
In the following years, work in the cinema practically did not leave her time for the theater, however, several of her works are known, in particular, she plays in the melodrama "Love Letters" in a duet with T. Dalton.
Footprints of Whoopi Goldberg in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater
In 1985, hearing about the preparation for the film adaptation of Alice Walker's epic novel "Purple Flowers fields "(which was called the African-American counterpart nnyh the Wind "), Whoopi writer sent a letter with the request to invite her to star in this film. Alice Walker, already familiar with the theatrical works of Whoopi, turned to director Steven Spielberg with this proposal, and the actress received the main role of Celia Johnson, a black American who has evolved spiritually throughout the story from a battered housewife to an independently thinking determined woman. The striking film debut Whoopi Goldberg was awarded the Golden Globe Award and nomination for an Oscar.
Starting with a deeply dramatic role, Whoopi Goldberg continued her career in cinema mainly in entertainment genres: comedies, crime comedies, detectives, TV shows, science fiction. Among the most famous films with her participation - “Jack Poprygun”, “Thief”, “Fatal Beauty”, “Act, sister!”, “Ghost”, “Knight of Camelot”, etc. The role of a charming and eccentric was fixed for her a character, an independent woman, spitting on any conventions, which was greatly facilitated by her own everyday image cultivated by her.
However, her dramatic film works are also widely known, for example, in such films as “The Ghosts of Mississippi”, “Long Way Home”, in the film by Andrei Konchalovsky "Homer and Eddie", semi . Ivshy Grand Prix at the International Film Festival in San Sebastian
In 1991, Whoopi Goldberg received the "Oscar" award, the "Golden Globe" and the BAFTA for Actor - psychic Oda Mae Brown in the movie Jerry Zucker "Ghost". At the Cannes Film Festival in 1992, Seraphina films, where Whoopi Goldberg played a major role, and Robert Altman, the “Player”, were a tough satire on Hollywood mores, aroused great interest.
Whoopi Goldberg also took part in voicing animated films, read the narration in the non-fiction cinema. Starred in Michael Jackson's music video Liberian Girl.
Whoopi Goldberg to protest against Offer 8 in New York (2008)
Whoopi Goldberg conquers television at the same time as a movie. For several years she was a regular participant in the comedy show "Comic Help", hosted the author's talk show.
For several seasons she starred in the fantastic television series "Star Trek", appeared in some other series as an invited guest (Detective Agency "Moonlight", Season 2, Episode 18).
In 1994, Whoopi Goldberg made her debut as the host of the Academy Awards; since then she has been a tremendous success as a host of various ceremonies.
Personal life, views and beliefs - Whoopi Goldberg was married three times: to Alvin Martin, the father of her only daughter Alexandra (1970s) [7] [ 8], behind the photographer David Kassen (1988-1990) [8] [9] and behind the businessman Michael Trachtenberg (1994-1995) [8]. She is also credited with several civil marriages and novels, mainly with Hollywood actors and other moviegoers: Frank Langella [10], Ted Denson [11], Timothy Dalton, Eddie Gold.
The actress first became a grandmother at 34, when her daughter Alexandra at the age of 16 gave birth to a girl Amaru. Also, besides Amara, she has two more grandchildren [12].
Goldberg does not hide his radical social views, openly criticizes the conservative actions of the US administration and the Republican Party, advocating the equality of cultures and religions, the legalization of same-sex marriage. In 1998, she published a book called The Book, where, in her usual eccentric manner, she ridicules the hypocrisy of modern society, hiding under the guise of political correctness.
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Prizes and awards
1986 - Golden Globe Award - Best Actress in a Drama for the film "Purple Flowers"
1991 - Oscar Award - Best Actress in a Supporting Role for the film Ghost
1991 - Golden Globe Award - Best Actress in a Supporting Role, for the film Ghost,
1991 - Pr MIA BAFTA - Best Supporting Actress, for the film "Ghost"
1986 - Oscar - Best Actress, for the film "Flowers of the Purple Fields"
1993 - Golden Globe Award - Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical, for the film “Act, Sister”
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