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V, 125
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Russian Empire
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Wadkowski Polish Wadkowski - Russian noble family
An extract from the Polish Herbovnik says that they come from the city of Magdeburg, in Prussia, from where Mikhail Vadkovsky moved to Poland and in 1622 was approved by the Sejm as a nobility - Mikhail’s grandson, Ivan Yuryevich 1678 — after 1737, in 1695 he left Poland for Russia, was accepted into military service and during the reign of Emperor Peter the Great participated in hostilities against the Swedes - Vadkovsky, Alexander Fedorovich 1801— - second lieutenant of the 17th Jäger Regiment, Decembrist
Vadkovsky, Ivan Fedorovich 1790-1849 - Russian military leader, Decembrist - Vadkovsky, Fedor:
Vadkovsky, Fedor Ivanovich 1712-1783 - Colonel of the Semenovsky regiment, general-general, senator, grandfather of the Decembrist F Vadkovsky
Vadkovsky, Fedor Fedorovich 1756 —1806 - Chamberlain, Actual Privy Councilor, Senator
adkovsky, Fyodor Fyodorovich 1800-1844 - Russian poet, musician, Decembrist
Vadkovsky, Yakov Egorovich 1774-1820 - Russian military leader, participant in the Napoleonic Wars
Rod recorded in the 6th hour of the DRC of the Oryol Bay
Description of the coat of arms
The shield is divided into four parts, of which the first in red and the third in a golden field has a fortress with a tower of three prongs that changes its appearance: on red to gold, and on gold to red. In the second part, they are placed crosswise in a blue field two silver arrows flying upward. In the fourth part in a red box a silver shawl, tied like a ring, in the middle of which a golden sword is pointed with its tip turned to the right side. The shield is crowned with an ordinary noble helmet with a noble crown on it, on the surface of which you can see a virgin in white clothes with a silver shawl on her head and her hands holding two deer horns, on both sides of it A mark on the shield is red, enclosed in gold. The shield is held by two armor arms. S-P, 1837 - S 36 Wadkowski and Wadkowski // Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary: 86 tons 82 tons and 4 additional ones - St. Petersburg, 1890-1907 - Gajl T Polish Armorial Middle Ages to 20th Century - Gdańsk: L & amp; L, 2007 - ISBN 978-83-60597-10-1 Polish |


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