Bouchard, Charles Joseph

September 6, 18371837-09-06
Place of birth: Montier-en-Der, Saint-Dizier, Haute-Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
Date of death:
Place of death:
Saint-Foix-le-Lyon, Country: France, France Occupation: Doctor, Esperantist, Neurologist, Pathologist
Awards and Prizes:
Charles-Joseph Bouchard on Wikimedia Commons - Charles-Joseph Bouchard 1837-1915 - French doctor, pathologist
He studied medicine in Lyon and Paris In 1879 he received a professorship at the medical faculty, in 1886 he was elected a member of the Medical Academy, and in 1887 - Member of the Academy of Sciences in place of Paul Vera Nauch Bouchard’s activities encompass numerous departments of medicine - anatomy, physiology, chemistry and especially pathology, in which the name of Bouchard is associated with the development of a number of important scientific issues. For example, Bouchard and his students put a lot of work to determine the origin of inflammatory hyperemia, which, according to Bouchard, is an active change in circulation under the influence of inflammatory agents that irritate the central or peripheral vasomotor system. The original is also associated with the name of Bouchard Understanding the origin of a number of diseases caused by abnormal slow metabolism, Bushchar, together with Shovo, founded the Journal de physiologie et de pathologie generale and also published a major work on general pathology. This is a draft article on a medical scientist. her
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Бушар, Шарль-Жозеф

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