Bonin, Tomas

“Bull” English “The Bull”, Polish “Byk” - Citizenship:
Poland Poland
Date of birth:
September 11, 19731973-09-11 43 years old
Place of birth:
Tczew, Poland
Accommodation: Tczew, Poland
Weight category: Heavy Heavy over 90.892 kg
186 cm
Professional career
The first fight:
February 3, 2001
The last battle:
May 9, 2009
Number of fights: 44,

Number of victories:
Knockout wins :
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Tomasz Bonin English Tomasz Bonin; born September 11, 1973, Tczew, Poland - Polish professional boxer, heavyweight champion The current IBC International Boxing Council world champion, current holder of the Polish heavyweight international champion Height - 186 cm Fight weight - 106 kg Amateurs spent 168 fights, won 142 victories, repeated champion of Poland in various age categories At international tournaments did not achieve much success
1 Professional career
11 2001
12 2002-2003
13 2004 year
131 June 19 I 2004 Tomas Bonin - Audley Harrison
14 2005-2006 - 141 November 26, 2005 Tomas Bonin - Ferneli Feliz
142 November 26, 2005 Tomas Bonin - Adenilson Lima Dos Santos
15 2007- 2008
151 April 27, 2007 Tomas Bonin - David Haye
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Professional career guide
At the professional ring Bonin made his debut on February 3, 2001 at the age of 27, spent most of the fights in his native Poland, Tomasz was distinguished by good physical characteristics and had in his arsenal strong blows from both hands. However, a somewhat “oiled” striking technique and sufficient coordination brought the Polish boxer certain difficulties in fights with mobile, sturdy and more or less able to defend rivals. In addition, the promoters of Tomasz frankly took care of their ward, and an impressive number of victories in Bonin's track record was formed mainly due to the frank weakness of most of his opponents in ring
2001 year edit
At the dawn of his professional career, Tomas fought with enviable frequency By October he had won seven victories in seven matches and entered the title fight His rival for the belt of the international champion of Poland was the experienced German Mario Schisser, who had met in his time with such popular figures in the boxing world as Vitali Klitschko, Henry Akinvande and Timo Hoffmann. During the battle, Bonin’s advantage did not raise the slightest doubt The persistent Schisser could only hope that Tomas, who had no previous experience in protracted fights, would seriously get tired of the ending in his fight. The German's dreams were not destined to come true - Bonin did not put down and, according to the judges, all rounds of the battle won without exception Until the end of the year, the Polish boxer managed to appear twice in the ring After a “warm-up” fight in November, Bonin decorated his Christmas festivals with the first successful defense of his champion belt Forty-year-old Serbian veteran Zoran Vuečić was able to make Tomash worthy of competition, and was knocked out by the Pole in the second round
2002-2003 edit
In 2002, Bonin appeared in the ring only in April, but spent two fights during the week Next month, Tomas dra twice more - and in all of the aforementioned fights, his rivals invariably ended up in a knockout. Having warmed up properly in the spring, the Polish heavyweight did not offend his attention and on the summer of June 22 he defended his title of international champion of Poland for the second time, convincingly defeating the next veteran, Belgian Dirk Wallin, by technical knockout in the fifth round But the autumn of 2002 was not so cloudless for Bonin The bronze medalist of the Barcelona Olympics-92 Wojciech Bartnik, compatriot Tomas, laid out on the table in full-time Dinka has all his trump cards with him - speed, better technique and amateurish technique, “dirty” melee fighting, which Bonin had hardly had to meet until then. One of the judges ultimately felt that the opponent preferred to attack from a distance and more often the native Tchev who hit the target was not outweighed by Bartnik’s active actions in the ring, and put no points. However, the other two referees still preferred Bonin, who thus won his sixteenth victory in a professional career Until the end of the year, Tomas increased this number by two units, and at the beginning of 2003 he defended the title of international champion of Poland for the third time. Exotic Cameroonian Leon Nkendzap did not hold out against Bonin and two rounds. Other rivals of the Pole in 2003 turned out to be much more skilled fighters French Palati , the most experienced American jornimen Garing Lane, Czech champion Shulgan and a good Belarusian Sergey Dychkov - these boxers fought against Bonin during all the rounds stipulated by the rules of the battle True, Tomas won by points The track record of the Polish heavyweight, meanwhile, allowed him to count on fights with more serious opponents
2004 to manage
Judging by Bonin’s career development in early 2004, it seemed that neither his team nor he himself strive to break into the heavyweight elite But, after convincing victories over three little-known boxers, Tomas agreed to claim the WBF World Boxing Federation belt, which at that time belonged to the famous Briton Audley Harrison
June 19, 2004 Tomas Bo in - Audley Harrison [edit] Location: Alexandra Palace, London, United Kingdom
Result: Harrison won by TKO in the ninth round of the twelve-round fight
Status: Fight for the WBF World Champion title
Referee: John Keane
Weight: Bonin - 107.3 kg; Harrison - 116.1 kg
Of course, Harrison was considered the favorite of this fight - the fight took place in his homeland, and the technical equipment of the British Olympic champion Sydney 2000 was an order of magnitude In addition, Audley already met in a professional ring with strong Ercisia and Francis; Tomas could not boast of such an opposition. True, the start of the battle set the Poles fans up to optimistic. Harrison was clearly not in optimal physical condition - he did not move fast enough and his blows lacked speed and sharpness. On the whole, the Briton looked rather passive; rarely connected the strongest left hand to the attacks, preferring mainly to disturb Bonin with jab Tomash, in turn, torn the distance well and beat much more often, although not always falling into the target. But correctly calculate the forces in an approximately equal battle against an experienced and skilled The Pole did not succeed in the opponent. In the ninth round, Bonin looked more tired than Harrison, as a result of which he probably missed a powerful British attack. The referee decided to stop the fight, despite Tomas protests and his angle. By that time, Harrison was on the maps three judges with a slight margin in fairness, it should be noted that the decision of the referee in the ring to stop the fight really seemed premature, since Bonin was able to continue the fight1
The defeat from Harrison did not shake Tomas’s determination to hold the belt of the international champion of Poland October, Bonin again defended this title, defeating Sergei Dychkov for the second time in his professional career. In November, the Pole attempted to “conquer America,” but the fight was organized for him in the USA passing the threshold of the 40th anniversary and besides losing in his last seven fights Ken Murphy held at a frankly low level. Like the December rendezvous with the unknown German Ralph Pakheiser, who secured the status of an “ever-promising” boxer trying to follow the path of least resistance
2005-2006 - edit
At the end of 2005, Bonin promoters gave their ward one more chance to prove himself in the Mecca of professional boxing, USA, organizing him a fight for the title of world champion in the version of International Boxing of the IBC Council, Tomas Bonin - Ferneli Felizpravit
Copernicus Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA
should have resisted Tomasz, but experienced and hardy Dominican Ferneli Feliz
November 26, 2005 > Result: Bonin’s victory by points by unanimous decision in the twelve-round fight
Status: Fight for the IBC world title
Referee: Pete Podgorski
Score of the judges: Lezhek Jankowiak 116-113, Bonin, Ted Giemsa 117 -111, Bonin, Jerry Yakubzo 116-112, Bonin,
Weight: Bonin - 99.8 kg; Feliz - 101.6 kg
Bonin approached the title fight with the minimum fighting weight in his career, which was a good help in his confrontation with the Dominican Batter is much weaker than the Polish boxer, but agile, quite technical and perfectly holding the blow Feliz turned out to be a tough opponent Tomasha defended himself competently and at times puzzled him Tomasha with interesting combinations; Bonin diligently bent his line, pressing the opponent with heavy blows from the middle distance. Both fighters confidently traveled a difficult twelve-round path, and the unanimously recognized Pole winner Bonin really looked better in most rounds of the fight, and rightfully won the title
In May of the following, 2006 years, Tomas, having knocked out two successive rivals beforehand, went out to defend his IBC belt The Brazilian heavyweight Adenilson Lima Dos Santos, who came to Poland for the fight, became the second trophy seeker at
November 26, 2005 Tomasz Bonin - Adenilson Lima Dos Santosdravit
Venue: Gala Mozyr, Ketrzyn, Poland
Result: Bonin won by knockout in the third round of the twelve-round fight
Status: Title Fight IBC World Champion
Referee: Bela Florian
Weight: Bonin - 106.5 kg; Adenilson - 107.0 kg
The Brazilian boxer performed quite successfully in his homeland, but the tour outside South America invariably ended with serious problems for him Two of the three defeats that appeared on Adenilsson’s track record before the fight with Bonin, a contender for the title IBC suffered away from their native places Was no exception and this match Bonin was clearly superior to the Brazilian in all components of boxing art and easily knocked him out in the third round
More than in 2006, Tomas made no attempt to attract himself to possessing a wide boxing public, preferring to fight rivals that are not in the least danger for him In November, the opponent’s complacency and underestimation almost played a trick on Bonin in a fight with professional ring debutant Slovakian Pavel Silvin Tomas, who was carried away by the attack, missed a heavy blow from the first round a fighter familiar only with the basics of boxing technology - and was knocked down. Even the fact that subsequently Bonin thrice sent the Slovaks to the floor and ended the job with a quick knockout, nickname doesn’t justify the attitude of the Polish boxer to his profession
2007-2008 edit
In the spring of 2007, the Tomasz team made a good move to attract a new portion of attention to his ward Bonin risked accepting the challenge of the popular British knockout that had risen from the first heavy weight, the then official contender for the prestigious WBC title in his weight category, David Haye
April 27, 2007 Tomas Bonin - David Haypravit
Venue: Wembley Arena, London, United Kingdom
Result: Haye won by knockout in lane round of the twelve-round fight
Status: Ranked fight
Referee: Ian John-Lewis
Weight: Bonin - 104.8 kg; Haye - 98.4 kg
The question of how to act in the ring in a fight against such an opponent remained for Tomin rhetorical Tomash and his mentors probably assumed that Haye would be superbly quick and inventive in attack. that the British’s recognized strike force will not lose its relevance in the heavy weight category, apparently they did not fully believe, and, as it turned out, completely in vain. In fact, the first “two” Haye, which consisted of the left hook and the right straight, knocked Bonin a bit later b the Italian repeated the same number - and the referee re-opened Tomash’s account. All attempts of the shocked Bonin to “hang out” on the opponent Hay prevented a competent retreat followed by a new series of strokes. At the end of the second minute of the round, David’s next attacking combination, combining a powerful right hook in the jaw and not less convincing left side, threw the Polish boxer on the floor of the ring without the slightest hope of getting up from it2
After a severe defeat from Hay, Bonin spent only three fights in a year and a half, defeating frankly weak fighters on them 29 n On October 2008, Tomas had a duel for the title of champion of Poland with promising compatriot Andrzej Wavrzyk He lost by unanimous decision 90-100 twice, 92-98
Sources edit
↑ Bonin - Harrison Rus
↑ Bonin - Hay Rus
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Бонин, Томаш

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