Bat yam

Bat Yam (Hebrew בַּת יָם - literally "daughter of the sea", possibly an abbreviation from Hebrew בת ירושלים - "daughter of Jerusalem") - a city in the Tel Aviv District of Israel on the Mediterranean coast Sea south of Jaffa. Borders on the cities of Holon, Rishon Lezion and Tel Aviv. Together with other satellite cities, it is part of Greater Tel Aviv. Residents are mainly representatives of eastern communities and immigrants from the CIS countries (repatriates of the 90s - 35 thousand people).
The city is built up mainly with high-rise buildings. Numerous enterprises operate in the Bat Yam industrial zone, the profile of which is textiles, metalworking, printing, wholesale, food processing, etc. The city has developed a range of services and trade, as well as tourist services. Many residents of Bat Yam work in other cities of the Gush Dan region.
Almost 30 thousand students study in the city education system. In Bat Yam, 119 kindergartens, 28 elementary schools (grades 1-6), of which 8 belong to the system of state-religious education; 5 secondary schools (grades 7-12) and 7 secondary schools with a technological bias. In recent years, the municipality has invested heavily in improving the quality of teaching in high school.
The Bat Yam City Hall develops international relations with several cities [1].
The first name of the city was “Bait wa Gan” (House and garden). Land was acquired in 1923 for the construction of the suburb district of Bait-va-Gan. It was founded in 1926 by wealthy merchants from Jaffa, members of the Bait-va-Gan organization. The population of the city grew significantly in the 30s due to returnees - refugees from Nazi Germany. The first houses in Bat Yam were built in 1926, but residents were forced to temporarily leave them during the Arab riots in 1929. In 1936, by a decision of the local council, the settlement was given its current name. The name symbolizes both the proximity of the city to the sea, and the connection with Jerusalem, holy for Jews (Hebrew יָם also serves as an abbreviation for ירושלים) [2]. The settlement was severely damaged during the riots and in 1936-39, and at the beginning of the War of Independence was cut off from other Jewish settlements. In the 1950s many new immigrants from Romania and North Africa settled in Bat Yam. In 1958, the settlement received the status of a city. - Sister cities - Livorno, Italy - Neukölln, Germany - Vijerban, France
Valparaiso, Chile
Aurich, Germany
Kragujevac, Serbia - Kutno, Poland - Antalya, Turkey - Vinnitsa, Ukraine - Kostroma, Russia
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