Buckley, Steve

Steven James Buckley - Date and place of birth
February 12, 19691969-02-12 48 years old - London, United Kingdom - Citizenship - United Kingdom, Great Britain - Height - 195 cm
102 kg - Sports career
1989 - 2004
149 - Personal records - Spear
91.64 1992
International medals
Olympic games
Barcelona 1992
lance - Silver
Atlanta 1996
lance - Silver
Sydney 2000
lance - World Championships
Gothenburg 1995 - Spear - Silver - Athens 1997 - Spear - European Championships - Gold - Split 1990
Spear - Gold - Helsinki 1994
Spear - Gold - Budapest 1 998 - Spear - Gold - Munich 2002 | Spear - Commonwealth Games - Gold - Auckland 1990 - Spear - Gold - Victoria 1994
Silver - Kuala Lumpur 1998 - Spear - Gold - Manchester 2002
Spear - Universiade - Gold - Duisburg 1989
Sheffield 1991 - Spear - Stephen James Backley; Stephen James Backley; born February 12, 1969 - British track-and-field athlete Prizewinner of three Olympic Games Four-time European Champion
Career guide
Steve Buckley’s first career success was his victory at the 1987 European Youth Championships A year later he became vice world youth champion
In 1990, he won the European Championship in Split, and also set world records twice, showed the best result of the season in the world 90.91. In 1991, the Finnish Ryatu exceeded his record, but already in August the IAAF changed the lance configuration, canceling the current records. the beginning In 1992, at a competition in New Zealand's Auckland, Buckley threw a new lance at 91.64 and again became the current world record holder. This result remained unsurpassed for more than a year, until in 1993 the legendary Czech Jan Zhelezny defeated it in 1992 under the sign of the Ryatyu, Zhelezny fight and Buckley With a result of 83.38, the Englishman won a bronze medal
In 1995, at the World Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, he became vice champion, losing to Iron over more than three meters. The Olympic Games in Atlanta ended similarly, where the Czech and British separated by just over one and a half meters
At the 1997 World Championships in Athens, Buckley was finally able to get ahead of Iron, who failed to perform, but only in his last attempt he threw a spear at 86.80, losing two meters to the victorious South African Marius Corbett
At the third Briton won a medal again in Olympic career As four years ago she became second, losing only to Jan Zhelezny This time, two centimeters were separated 32 centimeters
At the end of her career, despite knee problems, Buckley won the fourth consecutive European Championship and won eval the third “gold” of the Commonwealth Games In 2004, he performed at the Athens Olympics, where in his best attempt he threw a spear at 84.13 This was not enough to win a medal and Stephen took fourth place After the Olympics ended his career
In 1995, Stephen Buckley became a Knight of the Order of the British Empire, and in 2003 became an officer of the same order
Steve Buckley - profile on the IAAF website
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