Aniakchak - eng mount Aniakchak
Caldera of Aniakchak volcano 1977 NPS picture 56 ° 54′21 ″ w 158 ° 12′32 ″ w dHGYO
Country United States USA
Mountain system - Cordillera - Ridge or massif - Aleutian ridge
Volcano shape
Period of formation
Last eruption
Peak height
13411 m
Aniakchak on Wikimedia Commons
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Aniakchak - active volcano Located in the state of Alaska, USA
Aniakchak - caldera, 1341 meters high Caldera width about 10 km. The lowest point is located at an altitude of 335 meters above sea level. Its formation occurred about 3400 years ago. Caldera depth is 1 km. km north of the volcano, and in the south they reached the Pacific Ocean
Over the past 10,000 years, more than 40 explosive eruptions have occurred in the Aniakchak region, which speaks of one of the most active volcanoes of this In the modern period, the Volcano is predominantly andesitic; it is built on volcanic rocks of the Mesozoic Jurassic. Inside the caldera, volcanic tuffs, maars, volcanic domes, slag cones formed inside the caldera. A 3.2-kilometer lake formed, which with the advent of cold freezes Once the lake filled the entire caldera until one of the next eruptions, which occurred 500 years ago, formed a crack in the northeast of the caldera, through which water began to flow. It is the source of the river. Aniakchak - The only officially recorded volcanic eruption occurred in the period from May-June 1931. The eruption occurred in the northwest of the caldera. From the formed crater from which lava flowed and emitted. Ashes spread to an area of more than 600 km As a result of volcanic activity earthquakes, weak shocks of which were felt in the town of Chignik Volcano activity was reported in 1942 and 1951
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