Aliverdiev, Agaverdi Abutrabovich

November 6, 19181918-11-06
Place of birth:
Date of death:
June 25, 19851985-06-25 66 years old
Place of death:
Kaspiisk - Citizenship:
Awards and prizes:
Agaverdi Abutrabovich Aliverdiev 6111918, Akhty - 25061985, Kaspiysk - Soviet machine builder, USSR State Prize laureate, chief engineer of the Dagdiesel plant 1965-1985 By nationality Lezgin
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Born on November 6, 1918 in a Lezgi village of Akhty, Akhtynsky district, Dagestan, in a peasant's family
Father - Abutrab Aliverdievich Aliverdiev 1886-1963, before the revolution - worker, upon returning from Baku - peasant Mother - Durnis Muradalievna Aliverdieva 1890 −1964 - before the revolution, a housewife, then a collective farmer
After graduating from the Akhtyn village school in 1935, he entered the Dagestan Mechanical College in Makhachkala. After graduating from the college in 1939, he was sent to factory No. 182, now OJSC Dagdiesel Plant, in the village of Engine system ”is now the city of Kaspiysk
In 1958 he graduated with honors from the All-Union Correspondence Engineering Institute now Moscow Technological University majoring in Engineering Technology. In the same year he was appointed deputy head of the technical control department of the plant
In 1960 appointed head of the leading department of the plant’s design bureau. In 1962, with the creation of the instrument production plant, he was appointed deputy director of the instrument manufacturing plant. Since 1965, chief engineer r factory
Author of many unique technical developments Under his name 8 copyright certificates were registered, dozens of effective rationalization proposals
In 1978, by a resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the USSR State Prize was awarded for work in the field of special apparatus engineering
In In 1981, by the decision of the Caspian City Council of People's Deputies, he was awarded the title “Honorary Citizen of Mountains ode ”- Cavalier of the Orders of the October Revolution,“ Badge of Honor ”, many medals
The memory of Agaverdi Abutrabovich Aliverdiev is immortalized by awarding him the title of“ Honorary Citizen of the City ”Kaspiysk, installing a memorial plaque on the house where he lived with museum exhibits at the factory , in the city of Kaspiysk and the village of Akhty, established by a special Prize named after A. Aliverdiev and A. Abakarov
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Аливердиев, Агаверди Абутрабович

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