Adlersparre, Georg

March 28, 1760 (1760-03-28) [1]
Birthplace of Hovermo [d], municipality of Berg [d], Jämtland, Sweden [1]
Date of death
September 23, 1835 ( 1835-09-23) [1] (75 years)
Place of death - Gustav's mansion [d], commune Kristinegamn [d], Vermland, Sweden [1]
Battles / wars - Russian-Swedish war - Awards and bonuses
Georg Adlersparre on the Wikimedia Commons - Georg Adlersparre (Swede. Georg Adlersparre; March 28, 1760 (17600328) - September 23, 1835) - Count, Swedish general , writer and statesman, known for his participation in the overthrow of Gustav IV.
Studied at Uppsala University e and in 1775 he entered the military service. After the death of Gustav III, he resigned and devoted himself to literary studies, published the liberal magazine Läsning i blandade ämnen in 1797-1801. After the outbreak of war with Russia in 1808, he again joined the army and was appointed commander of the so-called Western army. Having advanced this army to Stockholm, he contributed to the success of the revolutionary party and the overthrow of Gustav IV, for which the new King Charles XIII was showered with favors and elevated to count dignity. When he later noticed that his influence and significance were diminishing, he retired to the village and again took up literary work. He published “Handlingar rörande Sveriges äldre nyare och nyaste historia” (9 vols., Stockholm, 1830–33) in which he published many secret government papers, including his correspondence with Charles XIII, Prince Christian Augustus and others, for which he was subjected to a pecuniary punishment. His eldest son, Carl Augustus (1810-1862), became famous for his poems and short stories, published by him under the pseudonym Albano. His literary talent was especially manifested in the historical work 1809 Års Revolution och dess män (2 vols., Stockholm, 1860) and others. When writing this article, material from the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron (1890-1907) was used. br> Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
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Адлерспарре, Георг

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