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Patrick (film)

Patrick is an Australian horror film from 1978, directed by Richard Franklin and written by Everett De Roche. Patrick, considered to be director Richard Franklin's original film, [1] has been nominated in three categories. He was nominated for the best film at the 1978 AFI Awards and received the best director award at the Sitges-Catalan International Film Festival in Spain. [2] Movie 12 March 1993 Channel 6 Confrontation with the Weapon name in Turkey, Kanal D has also shown again with the same name on May 27, 1994. [3] Member Patrick, inspired by a true story written. The subject matter of the film is as follows; A man catches his wife with another man in his house and falls down from the balcony in a sudden attempt. He fell into a car by chance, but when he was taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed with quadriplegia, so his hands and legs were paralyzed. What surprised the screenwriter De Roche was that this man was still able to communicate with his wife. Directed by Franklin, he decided to become someone similar to the character in Alfred Hitchcock's Pervert. [4] The film was shot at 35 mm. [5] Patrick vive ancora, an unofficial sequel to the film, was filmed in Italy in 1980. [6]
Giovanni Scognamillo said about the film; "What's happening to Patrick? Patrick is a protagonist of Australian production. He's in a coma for a long time, but he's a freak who can move objects, send telepathic messages, become dangerous, and is aware of his powers, even though he's in a coma." [7]
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Patrick (Robert Thompson) has been in a coma at a private hospital in Melbourne since he killed his mother and her lover. The hospital's new nurse, Kathy (Susan Penhaligon), realizes that Patrick can communicate. Although Patrick loses five senses, he has telekinesic powers and speaks to Kathy, transferring his thoughts to an electronic typewriter. Patrick fell in love with Kathy. He also uses his psychokinetic powers to control the men in Kathy's life. This will protect him from Matron Cassidy.

Susan Penhaligon
Kathy Jacquard
Robert Helpmann - Dr. Roget
Rod Mullinar - Ed Jacquard and Bruce Barry Brian Wright - Julia Blake - Matron Cassidy - Helen Hemingway - Williams - María Mercedes - Nurse Panicale - Robert Thompson - Patrick - Walter Pym - Captain Fraser - Frank Wilson - Detective Sergeant Grant
Carole-Ann Aylett - Patrick's mother
Paul Young - Patrick's mother's lover
John Murphy - Bartender
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Patrick (film)

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