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Pancake English: Pancake or pan cake is a plain pastry type prepared with a starch-based slurry containing eggs, milk and butter and is usually thin and round. shows that it is the oldest and most common grain-based nutrient eaten in prehistoric societies [1]
Pankekin's shape and structure vary worldwide A crêpe is a Breton pan cake of French origin, both sides baked and finely palačinke of Southeast European origin, fried on both sides and with jam, cream cheese, chocolate or ground walnuts. stuffed thin pancake t r is the Member crafted commercial pancake mixes are available in some countries, Potatoes, if used in a large portion of the slurry called this cake, potato pancakes, buckwheat flour, if used, Blini, Kaletez, Ploce and karabuğdayl including many pastry as Memil-buchimga the pancakes can be prepared
Pancakes can be served at any time of the day with a variety of ingredients or fillings, but is typically considered a breakfast meal in the United States and has the same function as a waffle. Pancake Day, also known as "Repentance Tuesday" - Gallery

American pancakes with blueberry sauce

Japanese okonomiyaki, salty pancake with various ingredients

Denmark æbleskiver French socca, freshly baked in Nice in the old town of the French Riviera

br> An automatic pancake machine -

Inuit bannock "Silver dollar" pancakes

Johnnycake Johnnycake "Silver dollar" pancakes A touton with other breakfast foods -

Swedish origin äggakaka, pork belly, slices of apple and a bowl of cakes | Why Humans Share Food, Oxford University Press, 2007
^ Nelson, Libby November 29, 2015 "British desserts, explained for Americans confused by the Great British Baking Show" Vox Accessed December 3, 2015
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