Palisades, Sneden's Landing and then Rockland olarak bilinen New York Eyaletinde ABD'de bulunan bir mezra.

İlginç yerler

  • Abner Concklin House
  • Big House
  • Haring-Eberle House
  • Little House (Palisades, New York)
  • Sneden's Ferry - The Sneden family operated a ferry at Sneden's Landing along with John Dobbs, who operated from the opposite shore Dobbs Ferry, New York. Begun by Dobbs in 1698, the ferry service was one of the oldest in the region and continued until 1944. In 1775, when Martha Washington drove from Mount Vernon to Cambridge, Massachusetts to meet her husband, venerable ferry mistress Mollie Sneden (1709-1810) piloted her across the Hudson River.
  • Neiderhurst
  • Seven Oaks

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