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Neue Deutsche Härte

Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH for short), the New German Hardness in Turkish; In the 1990s, it was a metal music movement that was mainly fed by electronic music in Germany and other German-speaking countries, which emerged under the influence of CPA and industrial rock-metal (especially Ministry, Godflesh and Nine Inch Nails). Today, thanks to Rammstein, it has gained popularity outside Germany and has made a name for itself almost all over the world. This type / stream, sometimes referred to as Tanzmetall (dance-metal), consists of the combination of hard guitar and drum tones with synthesizers, substructure and electrophoretic keyboard. Industrial metal elements, Gothic Rock piano, stringed instruments, chorus or solo sounds are often used. The key feature that distinguishes it from the genres like gothic metal is the use of the keyboard. Again, the biggest feature that distinguishes it from the genres like industrial metal is the hard-aggressive guitar and drum tones. But of course the most distinctive feature is that the vocal language is German.
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Dance metal
Rammstein, an NDH group, described their music as dance metal. Herzeleid took part in the Electronic Music genre.
NDH's album sales were made especially in Germany and the USA. Rammstein's albums have sold over 12 million copies. Another singer Joachim Witt's album sales totaled 1 million. The albums of other bands and artists have reached important figures.

Although many names such as Die Krupps and Fleischmann are mentioned about the beginning of the movement, the NDH genre we know today is the 2nd Oomph! The album began with Sperm. With the first album of its own name, "oldschool" EBM (Electronic Body Music) genre of one of the most successful works of the group, the second album formed the basis of the NDH and then inspired many groups to flow into the stream. Rammstein, one of the groups that expanded the genre based on its origin, caused the species to explode in the second half of the 90s and the growth of the groups that followed it. Rammstein's albums have sold more than 25 million copies worldwide. There are, of course, reasons to call NDH rather than species. Not only differences in music. The language they use in their music is provocative and sometimes it is a trend that shows its difference with its pornographic lyrics, videos, stage posture, costumes and hair styles. Already when we look at the music of the above mentioned bands are in a very dissimilar spectrum.
General artists and groups of the genre
Der Bote
Die Allergie
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Die Krupps - Eisbrecher
Eisenherz - Eisheilig - Farmer Boys - Fleischmann - Hanzel und Gretyl - Herzer - In Extremo - Joachim Witt
KMFDM - L'Âme Immortelle - Lacrimosa - Leichenwetter - Letzte Instanz - Megaherz - Niederschlag - OOMPH - Rammstein - Rauhfaser - Richthofen
Riefenstahl - Rinderwahnsinn
Samael - Schwanensee - Schweisser - Silber - Sonnengott - Stahlhammer - Stendal Blast - Subway to Sally - Syncron City
Think About Mutation
Unk! Weissglut Zellenpest
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Neue Deutsche Härte

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