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Lord soth

Lord Soth is a fictional character of the fantasy worlds of the Black Rose Knight, Dragon Spear, and Ravenloft. He is a Knight of the Fall, whose knighthood has fallen. Death Knight.
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Soth wears an ancient design Solamnia armor, 1.95 meters tall. The damage from many battles spent on his armor can be easily seen. The charred black rose, made up of embellishments and embossments, has become the symbol of Soth. The purple robe extends from the shoulders to the floor. There is a pinch of hair on top of his helmet. The black sword, on which the countless victims dry up on the blood, swings in his sheath over his hip. Just below Soth's helmet, two orange dots appear where their eyes should be. He speaks with a resounding voice from the bottom of a bottomless cave that freezes the creatures. Its appearance can scare even the most fearless people. He continues his journey on a hell horse called "nightmare."
The warrior side
Even if Soth's knighthood has fallen, he remains adhered to the Oaths of the Knights of Solamniya in his daily life. He keeps his honor above everything. He never sets a trap in the battles he fought and will do, never sneaks behind anyone and never attacks before his enemy. Nevertheless, Soth is one of the most feared enemies. With the advantage of not being dead, he is a very skillful sword user. Soth can use many spells, including fireball. In one word, he can smash the gates of cities or even kill a dragon.
His past
His knighthood history
Soth was the highest rank of the Knights of Solamnia, and was married to Rose. He and his wife tried to make a son to succeed Soth, but they did not get positive results. During one of Soth's journeys, he encounters a group of Ogre attacking a group of Elven nuns. Soth and his knights save them from the hands of the ogre. Meanwhile, Soth falls in love with a very beautiful Elven nun named Isolde and takes her to Dargaard Castle. One day, one of the maids in the castle sees them kissing and informs his wife. His wife thought it would be the only way to bring Soth back to a child she was born with. When Soth leaves the castle one day, his wife and maid ask a witch to give her a baby. The witch does the spell, but at once she tells that the baby depends on Soth's faith. During his wife's pregnancy, Soth spends time with the Elven nun. He does not believe in his wife's pregnancy.
When the baby is born, it is different from other babies. Where one arm should be, there are two arms, and the other arm has a foot in place. After this incident, Lord Soth kills his wife and baby. During this period, the Elf is pregnant with Soth from the Sister, and Soth describes the cause of the death of her ex-wife and baby as a fatal disease. In the sixth month of the nun's pregnancy, the two marry at Dargaard Castle.
The ex-wife's servant tells the events to the High Council of Knighthood and calls the Council Soth immediately. The judged Lord Soth is convicted of murder and imprisoned for execution. Their faithful 13 knights save Soth from prison and take him to Dargaard Castle. The High Council of Chivalry will also be allowed to live if he does not leave the castle.
The immortality curse
Solamnia Prays to help Soth Paladine win his honor one night when the Knights surround the castle. The nun receives a message from her in the ordinary she prayed to Mishakal on his wife. If Soth kills the Kingrahip in Istar, who sets himself up to the gods and declares himself to God, and prevents Disaster, he will be given his honor and pride again. However, Soth Kralrahibi is very likely to die while trying to prevent him. However, even if he dies trying to stop him, he accepts the task because he knows that he will die in honor. He and his 13 loyal knights sail to Istar without wasting time.
As Lord Soth rides his horse towards Istar, he meets three Elven women. They poison his mind that Soth's wife sent him to death and constantly deceived him. Frustrated by his anger, Soth quits his mission and returns to Dargaard Castle. Just as he comes to the Castle, the Disaster takes place. The gods threw an inverted mountain over Istar. All Krynn is in for a great brutality. Istar collapses to the bottom of the sea. (The formation of the Istar Blood Sea comes from here.) On the Ansalon continent, many places are destroyed and fires occur. His wife begs Soth to save her child, but not because of the belief that the child is not from him. Before his wife dies, he reads curse to Soth.
"Live in pain as long as the sum of the souls who died because of your arrogance and distrust ..." The curse of his wife is accepted by the gods. Lord Soth is a Death Knight, 13 knight Skeleton Warriors who are loyal to him, and Elf women who fool him become the Banchis who will forever scream inside Dargaard Castle every night, not to forget the destruction caused by Soth. Lord Soth has been cursed as Death Knight for suffering the suffering of people who died in the disaster and the lives of those who died that day.
Spear war
Takhisis was trying to physically enter Krynn, Soth was the commander of his army of undead. [1] . When the army of countless undead under his command arrived at the door of the city of Palanthas, Soth's real purpose was revealed. He came not to serve Takhisis, but to the spirit of one of his servants. Dragon Supreme, to make Kitiara Uth Matar, one of Takhisis's army's army, forever his wife. However, Soth's loyal servant, Caradoc's betrayal, did not succeed because of his betrayal.
Ravenloft history
Ravenloft's mist pulls out of Krynn while fighting Soth and Caradoc. Soth's spirit goes to Barovia, under the reign of Strahd von Zarovich. He thinks that Strahd will help him return to Krynn. He tries to use it for his own benefit in Strahd. However, besides failing to succeed, his plan costs him a red dragon that protects his castle. While visiting Soth Barovia, he meets a gypsy girl named Azrael and Magda who changed shape. However, he kills Magda's grandmother and ironically curse Soth before the gypsy woman dies. "You will never be able to return to Krynn! But your house will always be with you!". He learns that Caradoc is hiding by Strahd in the adventures of gypsy after Magda and Azrael. The vampire who was attacked by Soth had nothing more to do but to expel Caradoc from his castle. Soth chases Caradoc into the mist that turns Barovia. The fog feels evil in Soth and gives him his own land, called Sithicus ("ghost lands" in the elven language). He lives in the same castle in the land, which is the same world where Soth lived in Krynn. The name of his new castle is Nedragaard. Its meaning is not Dargaard in the language of solamnia. The nearly thirty years he spent in these lands do not change much in ten.
After the time passed, Magda dies during a trap set up by Azrael. But before he dies, he removes the curse on Soth. In this way, his obstacle to leaving Ravenloft disappears.
Soth's creators did not allow the character to be in Ravenloft. However, they were unable to claim the character during Soth's time in Ravenloft. This is why Soth is located in Ravenloft for a certain period of time and then returns to Krynn.
^ Hickman, Tracy; Weis, Margaret (2002), The History of the Dragon Spear, Wizards of the Coast, ISBN 0786918705
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Lord Soth

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