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Our Earring, Kahramanmaraş

Küpelikız is a village in the central district of Kahramanmaraş.
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The village is located on a very old settlement.
There is also a drink approximately 1-2 km above the village. It is also called as Hopur drink. Hopur comes from the old name of the village of Şerefoğlu. The taste of water that comes to the surface spontaneously from different parts of the valley between the two mountains is bitter. Digestion facilitator, stone remover etc. It is thought to have features.
Again in the dark green colored mud in this drink, eczema etc. It is used with the idea that it is good for skin diseases.
TURKISH cultural traditions and customs are being experienced.
Village population data by years
The economy of the village is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. > Infrastructure information
There is no primary school in the village. The village has a drinking water network, but there is a sewage PTT branch and no PTT agency. There is a health center and health center. The village is asphalt roads connecting the village has electricity and landline telephone. External links Member Reviews Turkey portal YerelNet Member Reviews Kahramanmaras centers of towns and villages Fatmalı Member Member Member Districts Castle Reviews Tabby Ilica Reviews Reviews Reviews Reviews Önsen karadere Villages Member Reviews Cigli Reviews Çobanlı older brother of the Member Çokyaş
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Küpelikız, Kahramanmaraş

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