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The History of Investigation
Opening by William Parsons (Lord Ross)
October 7, 1855

00h 18m 34,3s
+ 30 ° 02 '10 "
Size of display 0.30' × 0.3 '
Visually impaired star mV
14,7 - Photo stellar mB
15,7 - Specifications
Type E3
Brightness of the face
Other NGC 72A - Galaxy of Type E3, Located at the Constellation Andromeda,

This catalog was later added to its revision.
The discovery
The object was opened by October 7, 1855 by William Parsons astronomer and received the 72A number in the NGC catalog. Also, since this space object is encountered in other research and catalogs it has the following names: PGC 1208, MCG 5-1-70, ZWG 499.110, ARAK 6, VV 166. See more
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