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NGC 253

The History of Investigations
Herschel Caroline Lucretia
Opening Ceremony - September 23, 1783

Constellation - Sculptor
Accurate Climbing 00h 47m 33,1s
Climbing -25 ° 17 '15 "
29,00' × 6,8 '
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Photo Stellar Measurement mB
8 Specifications

Other names
PGC 2789, ESO 474-29, MCG -4-3-9, UGCA 13, Sculptor galaxy, Silver dollar
NGC 253 - The SBc-type galaxy located at the constellation of Sculptor. into the original directory of the directory

This object was opened on September 23, 1783 by Herschel Caroline Lucretia and was renamed 253 in the NGC catalog. Also, since this space object is encountered in other research and catalogs it has the following names: PGC 2789, ESO 474-29, MCG -4-3-9, UGCA 13, Sculptor galaxy, Silver dollar. See more
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NGC 253

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