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NGC 1435

Galactic Fog - The History of Investigations
Wilhelm Tempel

19 October 1859


Accurate Climbing
03h 45m 49,5s
Bringing Back + 23 ° 45 '54 "
Size 30,00' × 30,0 '
RN type (Reflexive Fog)
Other Names
CED 19I, Pleiades nebula (Merope)
NGC 1435 - Glacial fog type RN (Reflective Fog) type located on the Constellation Cone.

This object was opened on October 19, 1859 by the astronomer Wilhelm Tempel and received the number 1435 in the NGC catalog. Also, as this cosmic object is encountered in other research and catalogs, it has the following names: CED 19I, Pleiades nebula (Merope)
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NGC 1435

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