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NGC 1120

The History of Investigations
Francis Preserved Livenville
Open January 1, 1886
Verification Information
(Circuit: J2000.0)
Accurate Climbing
02h 49m 09,4s
Climbing -14 ° 28 '13 "
Size of the Display 1,30' × 0,8 ' mV
Photo Stellar Measurement mB
14,6 - Specifications
Angular Location
Brightness of the page
13,7 - Other Names
PGC 10664, IC 261, MCG -3-8-28, NPM1G -14.0136
NGC 1120 - E-S0 Type Galaxy Location Located at the Constellation of Eridan

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This object was opened on January 1, 1886 by Astronomer Francis Preserved Leivenworth and received the number 1120 in the NGC catalog. Also, since this space object is encountered in other research and catalogs it has the following names: PGC 10664, IC 261, MCG -3-8-28, NPM1G -14.0136. See also: List of objects in Messier
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NGC 1120

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