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Amu Darya

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Bridge over Amu Darya (Uzbekistan, Urgench

Amudarya is one of the largest and most abundant rivers in Central Asia, known as the Amu Darya (ancient names Amu, Oksus, Balkh, Jaihun) from the coast of Pyanj and Vakhsh rivers with a length of 1415 km (2540 km from the Pyanj River basin) 309 thousand km ².

Amu Darya starts from the northern slope of the Hindu Mush (Mountain on Afghanistan and Pakistan) Main areas: Gunt, Bart Ang, Yakuzum, Wang, Kyzylsu, Kefirnigan, Surkhandarya, Kundyz, Sherabad After the plains, it covers 1,100 km of the desert zone of the Turan lowland, which does not include any of the rivers in the Aral Sea (Taldyq, Kazakhdariya, (7000 km ²).
Flows from mountain ice and snow water The river flows in spring and summer and is very lush. The lowest level is in January and February. The deviation of the level during the year varies from 2 to 3 m. The flow decreases by 40% when it comes to Nookys because of its use for evaporation, absorption and land irrigation. In the lower stream 2 - 2.5 months. The channel is composed of soft rocks. Amu Darya starts from Karakum, Amu-Bukhara, Karshy canals. Fisheries is developed in the lower sector. He can take a boat from the city of Charjou. Major cities along the Amu Darya: Termez, Kerky, Nukus. In the Kyzylkum and Amudarya Reserves in the Valley of the rivers there are wild boar, shyebrai, rabbit, pheasant, Bukhara frog, gazelle, etc. rare animals. [1] [2]
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