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Kumkol oil and gas field

Kumkol oil and gas field is located in Ulytau district of Karaganda region, 150 km north-west of Kyzylorda city and 230 km west of Pavlodar-Shymkent oil pipeline. Founded in 1983 as a result of prospecting, in 1984 the first well was drilled from the bottom neocomposite structures.
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1 Geological Structure
2 Characteristics of the Occupation 3 Contents
4 Sources
Geological Structure of the deposit consists of layers in the lower Neocom and Jurassic layers in the adjacent zone of the Aral Sea basin of the Sorbulak upland from the tectonic side

The depth of the product is 1063-1270 m. Open porosity of collectors is 19,3-23,7%, conduction conductivity 0,17-1,13 microns, oil recovery factor 0,58-0,71, gas absorption coefficient 0,57-0,72. The initial layer pressure is 11.5-13.76 MPa, the floor temperature is 49-56 ° C. Daily output of oil at 7 mm hoses is 125.8 m3, gas is 93.8 thousand m3

The composition of oils of Bor and Jurassic deposits is similar. Density is 0,812-0,819 g / cm3, sulfur 0,11-0,52%, paraffin 10,8-11,5%, ashyphalus 0,11-0,92%, resin 4,8-8,42%. The gas contains hydrogen sulfide - 0.02-0.07%, nitrogen - 3.1-10%, carbon dioxide - 0.5-0.9% and helium - 0.01-0.1%. The water in the coating is chloric acid, with a mineral content of 49,784 g / l. Water contains bromine, lithium and strontium. The deposit is under development. [1] [2]
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