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Cross Ridge

Russia, Altai Republic and Kazakhstan, Borderline of the East Kazakhstan Oblast
Mountain System
Altay - The Stage of History
The Ginseng Folding - Length 150 km - The Highest Peak - Belize Peak
Height 4506 m of Heights
Katon Ridge - Mountain Range in the central part of Altai. Jota is the water tributary of Kathy, Argun (Argyn) and Berel (Bergejel) rivers.
1 Geographical Location
2 Geological Structure
3 Earth Relief
4 Climate
5 Plants and Wildlife
6 Sources
Geographical Location
Ridge (Republic of Altai)
Ridge Rocks Located on the border of Russia (Altai Republic) and the land of Kazakhstan. The East-Kazakhstan region is in the south-western part of the Kadyr Range. The highest point of the Altai Mountains (Buzau, 4506 m) is in the central part of this ridge. The length of the ridge is 150 km. The geological structure consists of metamorphized shale and granite. The tectonic structure is raised on the Hercynian plate. It is rich in polymetallic mineral resources and gold reserves.

The Rakhman River, which has healing properties in the western foothills of the ridge, is located in the western foothills of the western part of the ridge
Climate is very continental, the winter is cold. In the winter, in the mountain valley, the temperature drops to -50-52 ° C. The summer is moderately warm, in July it is 10-14 C, the temperature in mountains is -6-8 ° C. Rainfall is about 500-1000 mm

Foliage and Wildlife
The slopes of mountainous forests and purple soils are formed on the slopes. The pine, cedar, higher alpine meadows and grasses at the height of 2000-2200 m, and on the rocky slopes there is an arid, moss growing. Rich in wildlife. Brown bears, rosomachas, deer, elms, kiyin, akkis, fox, jungle, peanut, deer, etc. are encountered. The western foothills of the ridge are suitable for agriculture. [1]
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