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Karkaraly Mountains

Kazakhstan, Karaganda region Karkaralinsk district middle

Mountain system
Period of development
Devon, coal, parma
Length 30-35 km
Width 20 Karkaraly Mountains - Mount Karkaraly mountains - mountain forest with east of Saryarka
Table of Contents
1 Geographical Location
2 Reliability
3 Geological
4 Climate
5 Water Systems
6 Soils and Plants
7 Wildlife
8 Natural Monuments of the Region
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Geographic Location
Located in the middle of Karkaralinsk district of Karaganda region

The small hill surrounding the hill is made up of a series of domed, rectangular, extensible mountains and hills. They stretch from each other to the southeast, 30-35 km south-east, 20-25 km wide. In the north-western part of the valley Shankoz (1360 m) in the west, Koktobe (1254 m) in the west, Karkaraly (1206 m) in the northeast, Myrzashoky (1169 m) in the north-east, Zhirnesak (Komsomol 1403 m, the highest point of the valley), in the south-east of Akterek (1230 m), in the east Zhaurtogay, Nayza and others. The mountains are split. The mountains and hills are called Herakata, Kurozen, KaratÅ￾, Oyanana and others. inter-valley valleys, wide valleys

Geological structure
The mountains are formed from the mid-upper and upper parts of the Devonian system and the Euwius-Delhi sediments of granite rocks of lower coal and parma.
Climate is continental, winter is long and cold storm, and low snow (30 cm). The average January temperature is -14 ° C, the absolute minimum is -49 ° C. Summer is moderately hot and dry. The average July temperature is 19 ° C (absolute maximum 40 ° C). The average annual precipitation is about 350-400 mm, mainly in the warm season.
Water system
Lake lake
The river system is relatively more frequent. From the mountains the Karkaraly (Karaozek, Tulkilli, Tasbulak branches), the Semi-Zharym, the ravines of the Kobe, Kozan, Kagan, etc. At the beginning of the excursion is a picturesque Shaytankol tourist lake, the lake, at the foot of the Ulkenkol, Shortandy and others. Karkaralinskoye mountains are rich in underground fresh water, from them Suykbulak, Tasbulak, Syratschy spring, etc. leaks. Soil and vegetation
Karkaralinsk is very important for water supply

On the slopes pine forests, juniper, valleys and rivers are covered with birch, blue poplar, various trees, beech, hawthorn, black currant, mulberry, rosemary, cherry, barberry, grow. 85.4% of the Karkaraly Mountains forest consists of pine, 12% - birch and blue poplar, 2.6% - shrubs. On the slopes there are grassy-steppe herbaceous herbaceous vegetation, leafy black soils valleys and shrubs on the lake, reeds, cane, poetry, beetle, etc.
Animals - Aracha, rhubarb, lynx, fox, corsac, wolf, rabbit, mare, localized proteins, wild pig. Europe is surrounded by ostrich, algae, shale, quail. Wormwood, goose, yellow hawthorn, sparrows, snow, hawthorn, green pigeons all year round. In the summer, there are sturgeons, horses, sparrows, and others. nest. Birds of prey are found in eagles, falcons, foothills, and rivers. In the lakes there are black birds, ducks, goose, etc. Water Birds

Natural Monuments of the Region
The Karkaralinsky forestry plant is located in the region, protecting the forests of Karkaralinsk, Kent, Kyu, Bakty Mountains. In 1998, Karkaralinsk national park was established on the basis of Karkaraly Mountains and Kent Mountains. Based on the natural and recreational resources of the Karkaraly Mountains, the Karasor lake mud, the Zhosaly River, the local climate and kumys, it is here to build national health resorts, and natural (mountain lakes, caves, amazing rocks, flora and fauna, and historical monuments (Karkaraly stone sculptures, Suykbulak settlement, Kunanbay mosque, etc.) will allow to develop international tourism. [1]
↑ The nature of Kazakhstan: Encyclopedia / General Proceedings. J. Jacob - Almaty: "Kazakh Encyclopedia" LLP, 2011. Т.З. - 304 pages. ISBN 9965-893-64-0 (IS), ISBN 9965-893-19-5
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