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Export (export - export, export) is the export of goods, capital, works, services, intellectual property, including exclusive rights to foreign markets for export. Types: export of goods, articles, material, real estate; rendering services to a foreign partner for industrial and consumer purposes; capital exports - placement of capital abroad in cash or commodity form, service sector (including patents, licenses, know-how). Exports shall be registered at the time of transfer of goods from the customs territory of the country, transfer of the rights to the services and results of intellectual activity. Certain commercials made out of goods exported from the country's customs territory, such as the acquisition of a foreign person by a person in the country, transferring the conveyed and processed goods for subsequent export to the country of origin, operations are equal to export of goods. In the context of developed market relations, exports are international. econ. is the main form of cooperation and division of labor. Export is also a prerequisite for import because it is the main source of payment for import and external debt. [1] Table of Contents
Export Value of Commodities 2 Export Duty / Export Customs Customs 3 Export export
4 Export Licensing
Export Potential
6 Export Detail
7 Export Credits
Export Prizes
9 Sources
Export Value of Goods
Export Cost of Goods - Foreign the value determined by the invoice to the buyer, due to the fact that certain goods are sold abroad Excise duty costs are deducted.
Export Duty / Export Customs Duty / Export Duty / Customs Duty - Customs Duties that the State Procures When Exporting Goods; in order to prevent the deficit of products that are in great demand within the country. In determining the amount of such a duty, the amount of taxes and excise duties levied on earlier paid sales shall be taken into account.
Export credit - Export credit - a loan issued to foreign buyers or their banks for the purpose of financing the sale of goods and services; export stimulus. Importers and exporters receive loans directly from their foreign counterparts or servicing banks. It is always issued through a foreign trade contract. Its size, terms, cost, payment and repayment terms are determined depending on the economic and political conditions of the exporter and importer countries, the type of goods and the nature of the relationships between the parties. Export leasing - Export leasing is a leasing company purchasing equipment from a national company, and then transfer it to a tenant abroad.
Export potential
Export potential - the ability of the national economy of the country to produce competitive products in the right quantities for the foreign market; a set of economic and production capabilities that are focused on meeting the needs of the country's natural resources, the needs of the external market. Economic ability of the national economy to produce the required volume of competitive products in the foreign market;

Export Discount - Decrease or Impairment of Indirect Taxes on Products for External Market Outsourcing
Export Credits
Export Credits - Sales of Goods and Services Credit to foreign buyers or their banks for financing purposes; Export Promotion
Export Prizes
Export Prizes are financial benefits provided by public authorities to exporters to expand exports. [2]
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↑ Kazakh-Russian Dictionary of Bank terms and notions. / Г. Seitkasymov, B. Beisengaliyev, Zh. Bekbolatuly - Almaty: Economics, 2006. ISBN 9965-783-20-9
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