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Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) is a British-owned island located on the eastern coast of the South American continent, on the Atlantic Ocean with a total area of ​​12.2 thousand km2, with two large islands - West Falkland Islands Malvinas, East Falkland (Soledad), and about 200 small islands The main two islands are hilly, the highest is 705m (Mount Asborne), coastlines are strongly sliced, and there are plenty of suitable seashells, moderately oceanic cold, The wind blows (summer) 15 ° C, and in July (winter) 2 ° C, annual precipitation 700 mm Frostbite vegetation cover, mainly grassy and shrubs The animal contains marine mammals and many species of poultry Penguins, dolphins, whales, sea bass, etc. The population is 2.9 thousand, mostly English, Scottish and French, and the Falklands is an English seaman, J. Davis, in 1592. 1764 it was repopulated by France, and then transferred to Spain. Around the 19th century, Argentina has been under surveillance. 1833 Britain has occupied the islands and has deployed an English military base. 1982 The Falklands has a military conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom. This war ended with Britain's full ownership of the islands. The basis of the Falklands is economy. products (lamb, wool, skin), fish and seafood. Administrative Center - Port Stanley

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IC 4089

IC 4089

галактика Бақылау мәліметтері (Дәуірі: J2000.0) Шоқжұлдызы Вероника шашы Тура шарықтауы 13...
Нидерхаузен (Наэ)

Нидерхаузен (Наэ)

Нидерхаузен (Наэ) (нем. Niederhausen (Nahe)) — Германия Федеративтік Республикасының Рейнланд-Пфальц...
Қарашоқы (шоқылы тау, Айғыз өзені аңғары)

Қарашоқы (шоқылы тау, Айғыз өзені аңғары)

 Басқа мағыналар үшін Қарашоқы деген бетті қараңыз. Қарашоқы тауы Координаттар: Координатта...
NGC 2139

NGC 2139

галактика Зерттелу тарихы Ашушы Уильям Гершель Ашылу уақыты 17 қараша 1784 Бақылау мәлі...