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19 317 568 (2012)
4th place (in the USA) - Density: 136.4 people / km² - Area 22nd place
total - 170 304 km²

Latitude: 24 ° 30 'C to 31 ° C, longitude: 79 ° 48'. pp. 87 ° 38 ', page
height above sea level

The status of the state of the states of March 3, 1845
27 Ranks

State Governor Rick Scott
Legislature - Top Chamber Lower House - Time Zone
UTC -5 / Summer -4 - Official Site:
Florida (Florida) - U.S. is the 22nd largest country in the world with a total area of ​​170,304 km², with a population of 19,317,568 people in 2012. [1] The administrative center is Tallahassee, the largest city - Jacksonville Other major cities are Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Haifa. [2] Famous for the world-renowned resort city of Miami. Contents
1 History
2 Ethnic Composition 3 Economy and Tourism
4 Cities
5 Sources
History of the Region The indigenous inhabitants were Timukua, Calusa, and Seminol (Indians) .In 1513, the Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon first came to this region and announced it as a Spanish possession .1819 Spain sold Florida to the United States.
Florida was declared the United States of America in 1845.
Ethnic Composition
Census 2010: 57.9% White
22.5% Latin Americans
16 , 0% African-Americans and 2.4% Asians - 0.4% Includes American Indians

Economics and Tourism
Bricell-America's Largest Bank Male Center
The state's GDP is $ 776.3 billion in 2011, comparable to that of Australia. The state of Florida has a lot of port cities. The main industries of the state are citrus cultivation, tobacco and fishing.
Tourism plays a major role in the state's economy. The Disney and Universal Studios are also popular in Miami, Miami, and Orlando. The beaches in the Atlantic Ocean are also important in tourism.
Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa
Saint- Petersburg
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