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Geography of Kazakhstan - The Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the central part of the Eurasian continent. The territory of the Republic is 2724.9 thousand km². About 2% of the population of the globe and 5% of the Eurasian region live in the country. Kazakhstan is one of the largest inland continental states, and occupies the 9th place in the world in terms of its size. In the Eurasian continent, Russia ranks fourth, followed by India, China and the second after Russia in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Lower Volga River, Caspian Sea and Turan Lowland, Altai Mountains in the east, West Siberian Plain in the north, Tien-Shan mountain system is located. (More info ...) | Featured articles | Candidates | Archive - Good Article
Jack Phillips or John George "Jack" Phillips (John George "Jack" Phillips, April 11, 1887, Farncastle, Surrey, England - April 15, 1912, Atlantic Ocean), "Titanic He was the first onboard board and was the first SOS in history international rescue signal provider. (more info ...)
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Kazakhstan ranks 4th in the world in terms of suicide among adolescents. The most destructive and brutal war on human history has commenced on September 1st and ends on September 2. The Kazakh Khan resisted the Battle of Orbakak in 1643 with 600 soldiers fighting against 50,000 Jungars. , Repeats the feat of 300 Spartacus.
Risk the country and the name - one of the founders of the Kazakh Khanate - the ninth son of Zhanibek Khan - the son of the sultan of Zhetyk - the sons of Shaytan.
Views | Suggestions | Archive - News - August 30 - The first watermelon festival was held in Almaty on August 30.
30 August - The first Asian Championship on Equestrian Release and the Asau Tournament started in Astana August 29 - The lighting in Zhalagash district of Kyzylorda oblast diode lamps manufacturing plant opens in Kazakhstan
August 28 - Kazakhstan ranks 27th in UEFA rankings

August 27 - The first woman to head the Greek government has been appointed woman prime minister, Vasilica Banu-Hristofil. - Astana club announces Cyprus APOEL season in Euro-Cup 2015-16 the first club in the history of Kazakhstan won with a score of 2-1 and received a ticket to the group stage of the European Champions League.

Constitution Day, Turkey, Victory Day br> Events - 1860 - the first British tram was launched in 1901 - Hubert Cecil Booth (Hubert Cecil Booth (Eng.)) received a patent for a vacuum cleaner. - 1973 - 1991 - Kenya elephant hunting was banned. Azerbaijan proclaimed its independence
1995 - The new Constitution of Kazakhstan was adopted
Births 1852 - Jacob Hendrik Want-Gauff (1911), the Dutch physicist Nobel Prize Laureate in 1901, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Peace Prize in 1932, 1913 - Richard Stone (1991), English economist, Nobel Prize laureate in 1984
1954 Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus.
Death of 1529 - Juan del Ensina (genuine Fermoseli) (Juan del Encina (1468), Spanish poet and composer
1928 - Wilhelm Wink, German physicist
1935 - Henri Barbes (1873), Frenchman writer
1991 - Jean Tingley (1925), Swiss sculptor
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Кездейсоқ Мақалалар

Кіші Қаратау қатпарлы белдемі

Кіші Қаратау қатпарлы белдемі

Кіші Қаратау қатпарлы белдемі - Жамбыл және Оңтүстік Қазақстан облыстарының аумағында. Солтүстік-бат...
Амель (Нор)

Амель (Нор)

Амель (фр. Hamel) — Франциядағы коммуна. Нор-Па-де-Кале аймағына қарасты Нор департаментінде орналас...
EMac — Уикипедия

EMac — Уикипедия

eMac — Macintosh тектес дербес компьютер, Apple Inc компаниясы шығарған Оның аты айтып тұрғандай edu...
Қарасу (Байзақ ауданы)

Қарасу (Байзақ ауданы)

Қарасу - Жамбыл облысы Байзақ ауданы Суханбаев ауылдық округі құрамындағы ауыл. Аудан орталығы Сарык...