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Taraz is the center of Zhambyl region. In the 18th century it was called Aulie-Ata. Between 1936 and 1937 he was called Mirzoyan. The name Zhambyl was renamed Zhambyl in 1937-1997, and the name of Taraz was renamed January 8, 1997.
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Middle Ages became known as Taraz. The first people to come to the city were the Fergana valley. Since 1997 the historical name has been returned to the city. In 2002, Taraz celebrated its 2000 anniversary. In medieval times Taraz was one of the cities on the Great Silk Road. It was especially prosperous during Karakhan's wealth. In the 19th century, the Holy Father was a fortress of Kokand. It was part of the Russian Empire in the 1960s. The center of Zhambyl region became the center of Zhambyl region and became the oldest city of Zhambyl region, where the sovereign country was renamed after its independence.
Ancient Taraz city Agha Bibi, Babadzha Kozun, Karakhan, Tekturmas Mausoleum, Taraz Nasimbai a mosque and a medieval bath. Many and many foreign tourists are hurrying to see these mausoleums.
Taraz - Population
City Population: 380,000 (2009) 70% of the population of Taraz is Kazakh. There are Russians, Uzbeks, Koreans, Tatars, Turks, Germans, Kurds, Dungans, Kyrgyz, Greeks, Azerbaijanis, Uyghurs, Chechens. There is "House of Friendship" in the city. The ethnic composition of the population on January, 1st is as follows: Ethnic composition
Population of the year in 1989,% of Kazakhstan: 722 627
69,23% Russian
141 829
Russians 24,986 Russian 2,39% Russian Tatars 10,651 1,02% German 6,695
137 055
The most prominent area in the region is Betpak-Dala and Moinkum, with only the southwest, south and south-east slopes (Karatau, Kyrgyz and Chu-Zaili Alatau Mountains). This feature of the relief embodies diversity in the climate of the region. Flora and fauna of natural landscapes are wide and diverse. There are over 3,000 species of plants in the region. The total area of ​​the hunting area is 13.9 thousand hectares, where more than 40 species of animals live. The fish farm, which is 27.8 thousand hectares, consists of 74 water reservoirs, of which 73 are reserved for fishery. The largest dams are Tasotkel and Teris-Achibulak. In the fishing industry, the fishing industry is popular in the area of ​​tautolobik, akmar, karp, sazan, blue breast, pike, fish, chickpeas. There are 3 state natural complexes in the region: "Berikkara Gorge" with a total area of ​​17.5 thousand hectares, where more than 50 types of valuable tree bushes and herbs, included in the Red Book, - The state natural (complex) "Karakuniz gorge" (botanical) with a total area of ​​3,07 thousand hectares is located on the western slopes of Zaily Alatau. The fruitful seedlings of apples, cherries, grapes, grape trees are replaced by plantings of maple forest, gray brown, mulberry tree, camel's wedge;

. Grass grass, bachelors, black saxsaul, and shrubs are dominant on the vegetation. The fauna is dominated by arkhars, kulans, jeirans, rhinos, boars, rabbits, pheasants, cemeteries. Production
In the foothills of the Karatau mountains in Taraz, Karatau phosphorus plant is functioning. This plant is one of the most prestigious places in the world of phosphorus. There are three similar plants in the region, one of which is "Zhambyl Phosphorus Plant", "Khimprom", "New Dzhambul Phosphorus Plant". In the city there is a steelmaking plant, a car repair plant, a factory "Auto Parts" and others. plants [2]
Photos of Taraz city
Panorama of the city
Aisha Bibi Mausoleum
Talas river
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