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Coordinates: 14 ° 27'00 "C e. 100 ° 56'00 ". / 14.45 ° c. e. 100.933333 ° C. p. (G) (O) 14.45, 100.933333
Thailand (Thai) ประเทศไทย & lt; - South-East Asia state. Thailand is bordered by Malaysia in the south, Cambodia and Laos in the east, Myanmar in the west. Thailand is a mysterious Siam, a city of thousands of temples and thousands of smiles and a popular holiday destination for millions of tourists from all continents. On the coasts of Thailand, bordered by the waters of the Indian and Pacific, with many resorts, the size of the Aol is the same as today's France. In the north of the country there are green mountains. Thailand is known as one of the most developed and attractive states in Southeast Asia. High economic level combined with low commodities and services. Here you can enjoy great resorts, hotels, tasty cuisine, tasty cuisine, and local traditions, and everyone is attracted and attracted by people. the air temperature is stable for a year, the warm waters of the rising waters of Thailand and the hot tropical climate of this state, located near the equator. In this country there are endless high mountains, clean rivers, jungles, exotic animals and plants. Every year, the country of the Siam Bay, which is surrounded by golden coastlines, is a country of orchids and brilliant sapphires, with artificial ceilings of churches unbroken with deep sky.
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Three seasons of the year and tropical climate are typical of Thailand. During the rainy season, from May to October, the south-eastern monsoon dances on the whole territory of the country. In the winter, which runs from November to February, there is gentle weather, and the daytime air temperature is only slightly warmer than average annual temperatures. At night, the northern hills in Thailand will drop to 0 ° C, and 16 ° C in Bangkok. In the south of the country the air temperature is considerably higher. The hot period lasts from March to May. At this point, the temperature is very hot and very humid, and the rainfall will not be available at all. Population
Population: 65 million. person registered. Capital of Bangkok. Bangkok is a city with a population of about 12 million people. Most ethnic groups are ethnic groups. The second place in terms of the population is occupied by the Chinese living in most cities. The country also hosts the Malaya, the Monks, the Khmer and other ethnic groups.

State Language - Thai. English, Chinese, and Japanese are often used in urban and educated languages.
State religion is a Buddhist religion. 93% of the population believe in Buddhism. In Thailand, Muslims, Indians, Christians, Sikhs live. According to the constitution, the king is the guardian of all religions.
Since Thailand has a political, economic and social standing, it is one of the most promising countries in Asia for investment. Over the past decade, investment in Thailand has risen to several billion dollars. As a result, workplaces were created, the welfare of the population increased.
Money units - "Bat". 1 bath = 100 satangam. The exchange rate is 1 ฿ = $ 31. The daily exchange rate is published in the financial departments of many newspapers. Currency entry is not limited, but if you exceed $ 10,000, you will need to file a declaration. Local currency can not be deducted more than 50000 points from the country. There are no restrictions on exporting the currency of another country.
1 bah = 5 tenge.
Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Samet Islands are the most attractive resorts in South East Asia for tourists. First of all, thanks to warm climate and low prices

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