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Siberia - A part of the Ural Mountains and the Pacific Coast of Asia and the Arctic Ocean and the Mongolian border, between the Saryarka foothold. Table of Contents
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Climate of Siberian Antarctic, except for the climate of the earth is a rigid zone. Short long and very cold, the average January temperature is -0 °, in the south below -46 ° C. July is the warmest month, with the highest temperature, but generally 70 ° F.
Over 40 million people live in Siberia, most of them Russians and Ukrainians, and the rest are representatives of other Slavic nations. Slavs often live in big cities. Siberian kings, especially in rural areas, have other ethnic groups. They are Turks, Mongols, and Ethnic groups belonging to the Turkic-speaking peoples of the Turkic peoples.
Sources Abai wrote in his poem "Twenty-Seven Years Ago": "Russia, Siberia is not. From the moment he was informed, he could not evolve ... "- from the age of his beloved son, Abdrakhman, focusing his attention on education and knowledge in the four corners of the world. [1]
↑ Abay. Encyclopedia. - Almaty: Main edition of the Kazakh encyclopedia, Atamura publishing house, ISBN 5-7667-2949-9
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