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Ridder is a city in the north-east of the East Kazakhstan region (since 1932), a railway station. Founded in 1784 by Russian engineer technician F. Ridder due to the discovery of polymetallic ore. Until 1941, Ridder was renamed Leninogorsk in 1941. Until 1917, the city was in the hands of foreign capitalists. Ridder city in the East Kazakhstan region was named after Philipp Ridder, the engineer named after Ridder in 1786. Content
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At the beginning of the twentieth century the population of the village was 4 thousand, the highest concentration period was in the 70s - 72 thousand people. Today, 61.5 thousand people live in the city. The territory of today's Ridder city is 3387220 sq. Km. The population is 51.9 thousand people (2004). The administrative territory includes 19 settlements, one rural and one settlement zone. The administrative territory of the Ridder city is located in the center of the Altai, in the Leninogorsk "hollow", in the mountain forest steppes. The Leninogorsk lowland is confined to the slopes "Ivanov's belt" in the south-east, slopes "Prokhodnoy belt" in the south, "Sinyukhin belt" in the west and south-west.
The regional center is located 101 km northeast of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Between Ulba and Ivanov ridges, on the bank of Ulba river, at a height of 1000 m above the sea level.
Main rivers Tikhaya, Filippovka, Bistruchka, Gromotukha, Zhuravliha, Sharavka and other rivers flow from the mountains I would like to. It has been discovered that there are sources of cold water in the region and can be used for therapeutic purposes. Mining and non-ferrous metals industry in Ridder has developed

There are a number of tourist and sports facilities in the city area.

Ridder is a part of Ust-Kamenogorsk agglomerate, has a large number of non-ferrous metals deposits, water and forestry, building materials production funds. In the field of non-ferrous metals, gold-containing lead-zinc ores, silver, cadmium, sorghum, tuff, tin, iron, sulfur and other elements prevail. Building materials are rich in brick raw materials, granules and sand. Leninogor "hollow" refers to mountainous, woody steppe landscape: brown-clover taiga, mixed forests, shrubs and various herbs. Most of Ridder's surroundings are covered with spruce forests. Due to the mountainous terrain, it is difficult to widen the farming business.
Here are a few small mines and a small melting plant producing lead, silver, gold, and all-wheel-drive work. During the Soviet era and World War II, powerful mines and enrichment and smelting plants were equipped with new equipment. Ridder is one of the largest non-ferrous metallurgy centers in Kazakhstan. In the city there are mines for production of lead, zinc and rare metals (Sokolny, Bystrushin, Andreyev, Tishinsky), two concentrators and melting plant, which are owned by "Kazzinc" JSC. Other industries include construction materials and woodworking plants in Ridder, LLP "NPP CHP", "Nane combine", "Napitki", "Beauty", "Shem-Azat" and "Arman". br>
Social, Education, Culture and Healthcare in Ridder agro-tech. college, two professions. a school, a comprehensive school, a music school, a kindergarten, a library, a park, a palace of culture, a hospital, a stadium, a city clinical hospital, a hospital and a polyclinic hospital, a tuberculosis hospital, a children's hospital. available. Established in 1935, the Altai botanic branch of the Eastern Division of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR engaged in the collection and selection of medicinal plants.

"The Encyclopedia of the Kazakhs", 7 volumes
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