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Karaganda, Akmola regions
Nura - Tengiz river basin Table of Contents
1 Geographical Location
2 Getting Started
3 Hydrology
4 Economic Value
5 Sources
Geographical Location
River flowing through the territory of Karaganda and Akmola regions. The length of the river is 978 km, the area of ​​catchment is 60.8 thousand km2.

Starting from the spring in the western slopes of the Nura Kyzyltas Mountains, Tengiz Lake.

along the shallow hills and in the lower stream, with a flat plain. The river valleys have a high and medium-sized crystalline sedimentary rocks (width of 2-10 km), and the valley bottom is 25 km long. It is wide-spread (sometimes up to 15 km). Depth 1-4 m. Annual average water consumption is 19.5 m3 / h (369 km from the mouth). Mostly it is filled with snow and underground water. 92.1% of the annual flow is in April-May, 7% in June and October and 0.9% in winter. Average annual volume of annual flows (in Romanovskoe village) - 473 mln. m3. The river is frozen early in November and the ice melts in April. The largest branches are Akbastau, Altynsu, Baigozha, Esen, Uzynbulak, Kulantaupses, Matak, Ashishu, Bolshoi Kulyn, Kokpekty, Sherubainura (the largest is 268 km.)
Economic value
In the conditions of scarce Central Kazakhstan, Nura's economic significance is very high great. Samarkan, Samara and Sherubainura dam are built along the river. Nura water supply was put into operation. There is a Korgalzhyn State Reserve. [1] [2]

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