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Mexico City (Ciudad de México) is a political capital of Mexico, the federal district of Distrito Federal, and the economic, industrial and cultural center of Mexico. The third largest urban city in the world after Tokyo and Seoul; According to the United Nations WUP2003, there are 19,72 million inhabitants in its territory. [3] Astek is named after the god of war Mehdirli. [1] Contents
1 Geography and climate 2 Cultural significance of the city 3 Population, Language, Religion
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Geography and Climate
Mexico City is located in the very center of Mecca. The city is located in the mountainous region of Mexico, surrounded by mountains on all sides. Located at an altitude of 2240 m above sea level.

Urban residents were accustomed to frequent earthquakes. The largest earthquake was registered on September 19, 1985 at 7am 19 minutes. This natural disaster caused a 100-meter television tower that killed more than 10,000 inhabitants.
Climate is subropic, average temperature in January is +12 ° C, and in July is +17 ° C. The average annual rainfall is 750 mm
Cultural Heritage of the City
Palace of Art
The gross domestic product of the city of Macko in 2008 is the eighth-largest city in the world, making $ 390 billion in 2008. [4] Mexico City produces 21% of Mexico's GDP, while producing 34% of megapolis. [5]
Mexico City is often called the city of architectural monuments and museums. Indeed, the number of monuments and unique buildings (in Mexico City 1,400) can not be compared to any other city in the Mexican capital. There are also 10 archaeological sites in Mexico City. This city is characterized by ancient culture, which has influenced all civilizations of the world. The main tourist object of Mexico City is the Aztec quaint (XIV century), the National Cathedral (1563-1667), the Hospice Nasareno Hospital (XVI century), the municipal palace (1720), the current residence of the President and the Parliament of the country National palace (1792), the Church of the Sacreria Metropolis (XVIII century). Some of the temples built in the XVII-XVIII centuries are of great importance to the city [6]
Population, language, religion
Mexico City The population of 19.7 million people. More than half of Astana residents are Spanish-Indian meteors, about 20% are ancient Indian people - Indian, the rest are Europeans. The state language is Spanish. Indo-Indian inhabitants of Mexico also use a few more languages, including Aztec (Marx), Maya, Ottomi. Among the believers there are Catholics (90%) and few Protestants.

Los Angeles, USA (1969, 11 December)
Japan Nagoya, Japan (1978, 15 th February)
San Salvador, El Salvador (September 1979, September 14)
Spain Madrid, Spain (November 1983, November 17)
Peru Cusco, Peru (July 7, 1987)
Germany Berlin (Berlin), Germany (September 1, 1993) [7]
Republic of Korea Seoul, South Korea (1993, 30 August) - Mexico Guadalajara, Mexico (1996)
Havana, Cuba (1997, 25 September)
Guatemala Guatemala City, Guatemala (1998) Mexico Monterrey, Mexico (2003)
Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2006)
Sweden Malmö, Sweden (October 1, 2007)
Mexico's Dolores-Hidalgo, Mexico (September 1, 2008) [8]
Spain Cadiz, Spain (2009) [9]
Argentina Rosario, Argentina (2010) [10] Russia Murom, Russia (2010)
Samarkand, Uzbekistan (2010)
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Guatemala, Guatemala
Gustavia , Saint Barthelemy3
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Kralendijk, Bonaireb to Managua, Nicaragua to Marigot, Saint Martin3 to Mexico, Mexico to Nassau, Bahamas
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Washington, [US]]
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1 Insular area of ​​the United States . 2 United Kingdom External Territories. 3 Overseas collectivity of France. 4 Constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark. 5 Constituent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. b Public body of the Netherlands.


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