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Mahmoud Kashkari

Mahmoud Kashgari
The city of Barskhan on the Issyk-Kul (in some places along the Chu) land in Kyrgyzstan
Death: 1101
Career: The Turkic scientist
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Mahmoud Kashgari (1029-1101) is a Turkish scientist and known as Diuanu Lugat- He is an author of "Dog Turk" ("Collection of Turkic Words"). Full name is Makhmut ibn al-Hussein Ibn Mohammad. The birthplace of the present-day Issyk-Kul lake in Kyrgyzstan (in some places along the Chu) is the city of Barskhan. He was born in the village of Baryshan in a suburban village of Issyk Kul. From the Karakhan family. He was educated in Baghdad, Kashgar. Byzantium, Turkey, China and other countries. She also wrote works in Arabic and Persian, along with the Turkic language. "The sofa lighat at-turk" - K. the greatest work. There is also a wonderful heritage of the nomadic world of thought. This beautiful encyclopedic derivative was written in Baghdad in 1072-1078. The original was lost. The only copy made by MA Aulphat in 1206 is kept in Istanbul. Full version for Kazakh Егеубаев

about cattle breeding: water tastrumas - give milk

«About education», «Testament, teaching»: Do not scold the guy. Maybe not the big one. There is no pig, no gold. "" On wealth and poverty ": If silver comes to your hand, the gold will come. If the longing is long, there is no hand in it

About "Caution": It does not matter if you do not. The hunter knows how many beetles bear, the bear - so many trails.
"Hunting about birds": It is a mustache for a young boy in the arch.
"About luck": No hunger, : "Honesty, shame about homosexuality": Do not keep silent. "Science, education, art": Sign of happiness - education. "About Beck, Khan": The earth is a mountain, a country full of strongholds. "Words of a Wisdom": Wisdom is a golden diet

About "Man's Life": Father's Son - Takes Attendence to His Father. - It's inevitable. (On Labor)
The Age of Age is not an ink-painting. (About society, state, and history)
The bridegroom's husband is approachable. (Woman, Mother)
Everyday as well as ashes. (About humiliation, jealousy)
The voice of a single goose does not go away. (Loneliness)
A heavy day goes on - be patient with it. (About calmness)
The lion is sharp - horse legs. (About the Fear)
The stranger is in the desert - the dog at the house is left lying. (About Fear)
Good human bones, but with a name. (Good and Bad)
The soul of a poor person is not enough. (On wealth and poverty)
There is a great day - be patient. (About tolerance)
Do not go mad. (About the greed)
The collar is loose - lost its leash. (About the headache)
Recipient - lion, seller - mouse. (About the merchant)
Haughty Flatbed. (Behavior)
Being overwhelmed - your mind will disappear. (Behavior)
Fire - no smoke, the guy is not perfect. (About behavior)
When she is dressed - she is wearing red, and when she is wearing it is green. (About behavior)
The man is a woman. (Woman, Mother)
The knife is so sharp that her soap is unavailable. (About nausea)
"Brother," we looked at her and said, "Let's go." (Brothers, People)
Hearing Thousands, Awkward - Coming Soon. (Brother, about the people)
Friend is the paradise. (About friendship)
Mahmud's father was a well-known commander and commander of Barskhan. He moved to Kashgar, one of the political cultural centers of the state, which later ruled the Karakhanids. Mahmud studied here for a long time. The essence of the registration of "Kashgary" is the tradition of showing where his name originates. "The date of the birth of the scientist is unknown. Nothing is said about it, no other research, or anything else written on it. He will travel to Bukhara, Nishapur, Baghdad to improve his knowledge in Kashgar, and speak Arabic, Persian, and Turkish as well as outside the Turkic languages. He is considered to be a philologist, historian, ethnographer, geographer of extensive knowledge of his time.
Mahmoud Kashgari is a Turkic first linguist, a Turkic language textbook, a grammar of the Turkic world. In the history of Turkology, he used the first historical comparative method and laid the foundation for the historical dialectology of Turkic languages. His comparative way of studying these languages ​​has become a kind of a school as a common research method for all East correspondents. Rich history, geographical position, literature and art, and ethnological features of the Turkish people "Diuani ligi at at Turk" are known for their historical historical character. He analyzes the language peculiarities of many ethnicities and tribes, interprets the Turkic language in detail, describes the way of life, traditions and traditions, gives the names and biographical data of ancient writers, scientists, historians, ancient Turkic peoples, proverbs. He also created an ancient Turkic map of the ancient Turkic world, where almost all the ancient cities of Turkestan, inhabited by Barskhan, Balasagun, Taraz, Dzhusup, Kashgar. It can be said to be the first encyclopedic reference book of the Turkic people. [1] [2]
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