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Coordinates: 31 ° 51'00 "C e. 6 ° 24'00 "p. pp. 31.85. e. 6.4 ° p. p. (G) (O) 31.85, -6.4 - Morocco (Arabic: المغرب - Al-Magrib is the West, Magrib al-Aqsa is a "distant west", called the Maghrib) - The kingdom of Maghrib -Mammlet Al-Magribia is a state in North-West Africa. The full official name is the Kingdom of the Maghreb (Arabic: المملكة المغربية - al-Mumkulah al-Magribia). In the Arabic language, Maghrib refers to the Western, ie the "Western Kingdom" (which is the western Arab state) .The land area is 446.5 thousand km². The population is 30.1 mln. (2000). The official language is Arabic, and French is widely used. The population basically adheres to the sunnah of Islam. Capital is the city of Rabat. Administratively divided into 35 provinces and 8 prefectures. Magrib is a constitutional monarchy. The head of state and government is the king. The supreme legislature - the two-chamber parliament (the House of Representatives and the dead meeting). Money Units - Dirham.
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The place of the Maghreb is mountainous. Middle and high mountains in the country are covered by plains and plateaus. From the southwest to the northeast, the Atlas Mountains extend. The coast of the Mediterranean Sea goes to the Mount of Rip. The climate is mainly subtropical, in the north of the Mediterranean Sea. The average July temperature is 24 - 28C, January 10 - 12C. Annual precipitation amounts to 1000 mm in the mountainous region, 200 mm in the optimistic part of the country and 100 mm in the adjacent to the Sahara desert. There are few rivers in the Maghreb. Some of the largest rivers include Mulua, Cebu, Umm Al-Râbia, Tansifit. They flow into the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea. The mountainous and northwestern parts of the country come to the thick forest. Oak, cedar, coniferous trees grow. From animals, snakes, turtles, wild pigs, mackerel monkeys, wardrobe, lynx, fox, etc.
Early Libyan or ancient Berber tribes inhabited the land of Maghreb. At the end of the second millennium, some of the Phoenician settlements on the seafront of the Maghreb were built and later moved to Carthago's slopes. After the war between Rome and Carthago in the 3rd and 2nd centuries, Maghreb was under the influence of Rome. 27 years The Romans occupied the northern part of the Maghreb in the 5th century by the Slavic Vandals, and Byzantium was invaded in the 6th century.
701 - 711 The Arabs occupied the land of Maghrib and included them in the Arabic Caliphate. In the north-west of the Maghreb, a state ruled by the Idris (Idriss) dynasty.
In the 10th century, the land of Maghrib was added to the caliphate ruled by Fatimah's dynasty.
In the middle of the 11th century, various dynasties swapped and ruled over Maghreb in the 15th century The Pagans and Spaniards invaded the Maghreb.
In the 16th century, the Saadi dynasty liberated many cities from the Europeans. During the reign of Ahmed al-Mansur (1578 - 1603), Magrib Tongam, Sudan, and others. Africa has conquered countries.
The Middle Ages in the 17th and 18th centuries. The power is weakened and the political situation is often aggravated. France has set almost all the control over the country of Maghreb and Algeria. A number of reforms were undertaken during Sultan Hasan I (1873-94), industrial sites and new ports were built. French troops conquered the Hagia Zone in the north-eastern part of Magrib, later Casablanca and the Shaulite region, and the Melile region of Spain. A French Protectorate was established in Maghreb. In June 1926, Reef tribes, led by the Maghreb Abd al-Kerim, defeated the Spanish army at the base of Anwal and established the Independent Reef Republic. The combined forces of France and Spain defeated the Reef Republic.
The Second World War (1939 - 45), the nation's liberation movements intensified. Mass protests in honor of the 40th anniversary of the protectorate were held in the cities of Magrib. On December 7, France was compelled to agree to form a national government. France recognized the Maghreb independence and territorial integrity on March 2, 2012. The Spanish occupation of the Maghreb region was restored on April 7, and the integrity of the country was restored. On November 12, Magrieb was admitted to the United Nations. Maghreb liberated the provinces of Tarfahia from the Spanish dominion, in 1961. In November, French troops were deported from the country.
1962 The constitution was adopted in December. Maghreb is a member of the League of Arab States. May 28 is a diplomat between Maghrib and Kazakhstan. communication is established. Relations between the two countries in cultural and educational spheres have started to grow. The Maghreb has developed fish and cattle breeding. Phosphorite, seafood, tobacco, textile products are exported. He purchases oil, electricity, industrial equipment from abroad. Gross domestic product amounted to 87.5 bln. Per capita, $ 3060 per capita. will be (1994). Main trading partners are the EU, the USA, India, Saudi Arabia. Casablanca, Mohammedia, Tanger, and so on. large seaports [2]
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Density, people / km² 1
Shavia-Wardega - Settat - 7,010 - 1,655,660 - 236,19 - 2
13,285 to 1 984,399 to 149,34 to 3,400 Fes-Bulman to Fes | br> 79,47 - 4
Garb-Shrarde-Beni-Hussen - Kenitra
8,805 of 1,859,540
211,19 results found
Greater Casablanca
Casablanca | 1 615 3,631,061 of 2248,33 people found for this hotel

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