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Kolsai lakes

Kolsai Lakes - 3 lakes formed by the water of small rivers originating from the Honor and Saty pass of Kungei Alatau
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5 Sources> 6 References - Geographic location - Located in Raiymbek district of Almaty region

Description: Upper Kolsay about 3000 m above sea level, Middle Kolsai (Kainyndy) 2600 m and Lower Kolsai 2130 m located at a height The lower Kolsai reservoir is larger than the others. The nature of Kolsai lakes lies in the picturesque gorge.
Around the lakes spruce, pine, birch, etc. covered with mountain trees and meadows. Lakes have tourist importance. [1]
See also Lakes Kolsai (national park) - Sources
↑ "Kazakhstan": National Encyclopedia / Ed. Nysanbayev - The Almaty Editorial Office of the Kazakh Encyclopedia, 1998. ISBN 5-89800-123-9, Volume X
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