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The Cordillera

Canada Canada U.S. Mexico Guatemala Colombia Ecuador Peru Bolivia Argentina Chile History of the period North America - Mesozoic Jurassic period, South America - Chalk Period - Length 18000 km - Width
1600 km < Highest mountain peak
Height 6960 m
Cordillera Mountains
Cordillera (Spain) is the longest mountain system in the world. Along the west coast of North and South America, stretches from the Alaska Peninsula to the Flames of the Earth. The length is more than 18000 km. The coderiera is only high above the Himalayas and the Central Asian Mountains
1 Geological Structure
2 Landfill
3 Mining
4 Influence on the Earth Climate
5 Climatic Zones
6 Vegetation Cover - 7 Sources
Geological Structure
Codillary Mountains The Mesozoic Jurassic period in North America began to be formed during the Strait of South America. Tectonic movements have not yet been completed, which is evident from powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. There are more than 80 volcanoes on the mountain system.
The mountain system is divided into two parts: North America Code and South America Code or Ande Mountains. The highest point in North America is Mount McKinley (6193 m). The highest point of the Andes Mountains is Mount Aconcagua (6960 m). The most extensive mountain system will reach 1,600 km in North America and 900 km in South America. The Codeyeria mountain system is a cross-section between the inland subterranean plateau and the mountain plateau (North America - Yukon, Fraser, Colombia, the Greater Aral, Colorado, Mexico, and South America - Peru, the Central Andean) in parallel rocks. Mining
Mining system is rich in mineral resources, especially copper, zinc, lead, molybdenum, tungsten, tin, gold, silver, platinum and oil.
Impact of climate on the continent
Koderera Mountains Plain land from the Pacific coast artn largest swayrıq and climate, which is a barrier. It abandons the abundance of moisture from the Atlantic Ocean and impedes the influence of the Pacific Ocean. As a result, the Pacific Cretaceous (Atakama) climate, which is characteristic of this western coast, is influenced by cold seas, such as Californian and Peru.
Climatic Zones
The Codeyera is a sophisticated structural mountain system, and its natural surroundings come. The Kodillary Mountains mainly cross all climatic zones. Therefore, the geographical widths, the height of climatic conditions and the high altitude band, according to the specifications of the slopes of the mountain slopes, are subject to a very strong change in the mining environment. Rainfall on the slopes corresponding to the western and equatorial belts of the subarctic and moderate belts is particularly abundant. In the interior terrain, the climate is continental. Climate is very dry under the influence of the California cold flows on the coast of the Kodori River, which is on the western subtropical and tropical belt, and on the eastern slopes there is a desert and steppe belt.
The vegetation cover
Mountains with an abundance of moisture cover the evergreen forest . In the northern part of the Daniru belt coniferous forests, the mixed wood in the south, moves to alternating wet forests as they approach the equator. The mountainous slopes in the high and humid mountains of the equator and subaccation are characterized by a complex set of altitude zones. They range from moisture to everlasting glacier belts, from the green equatorial forests (guillas). The snow line stretches 600 meters from the Alaska Mountains, 700-1000 meters on the Flame Island, 6,000 to 6300 m in Bolivia and South Peru. These mountains are the world's tallest mountain ranges (3500 - 4000 m). [1]
↑ The Encyclopedia of the Encyclopedia, Vol 11


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