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English. California
California flag
California stamp
The state slogan «Eureka!»
State song
I Love You, California
State Patrick »The Golden State»
Capital city
Largest city
Los Angeles
Large cities San Diego San Jose San Francisco Hotels Fresno
37 253 956 (2010)
1st place (in the USA) - Density: 90.49 people / km²
3rd place

423,970 km²
- Water surface
20,037 km² (4,72%) Latitude 32 ° 30 'C. e. at 42 ° c. e., 400 km - longitude longitude 114 ° 8 '. p. at 124 ° 24 'p.
1 240 km
Elevation height above sea level
maximum height 4,431 m

average height 880 m

minimal height -86 m Governor
Jerry Brown
Vice Governor
Gevin News
California Legislature
Upper Chamber
California Senate

California Legislature Delegation members
Members of Senate
Diane Faunstein
Barbara Boxer
Time zone: GMT-8 / -7
Car code
Official website:

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first place in the party, third place in the area. There are 34 million people here, 21 years ago, this figure was less than 11 million. The history of the state begins with the "golden fever" of this entire region, when the gold is discovered in the American River.
California's center of existence is now famous not only for Hollywood, film industry and entertainment, but also for entrepreneurship opportunities. California is one of the largest and most successful centers in the world of high technologies and computers - the Silicon Plain (Silicon Valley). Here are the headquarters and research centers of leading companies producing computers and their software support.
Millions of people work at the Silicon Valley and earn hundreds of millions of dollars. California is also the traditional industry of aviation and shipbuilding companies. However, the largest cities in the state - San Francisco and Los Angeles - are not heavy industries, but the leading industries in electronics and entertainment, tourism and banking. More than 7 million people in San Francisco and its surroundings live in Los Angeles, the largest metropolitan area in the west of the United States, with more than 16 million people. This metropolis, which grows on a large plain on the beach, is entirely linked to a powerful point of highways, which seriously pollens the environment. Los Angeles, south of Los Angeles, is Long-Binc. It is the largest commercial port on the Pacific Coast of the United States. At present, the population of California is very important for the flourishing California as a whole. Population - 36,553,215 (2007 est.) Astana - Sacramento - Contents
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Los Angeles is the largest city in California.

San Francisco is the largest port and industry center in western America
San Diego is the second largest city in California
San Jose is California's third largest city. English (57.59%)
Spanish (28.21%) [1]
The Mediterranean climate on California's borders. The winter is rainy and the summer is dry. The effect of the ocean reduces temperature fluctuations, cools summer, and warms the winter. Because of the cold California ocean, the fog is always on the beach. The Continental Climate is close to the border center. The western winds bring moisture from the oceans. so there is plenty of precipitation in the northern part of the state. Climate also affects the mountains. Mountains do not transmit wet air to central California. The northwestern part of California is a moderate climate area. Total rainfall is 38-100 cm per year. The mountains are characterized by a mountainous climate, and therefore, in the mountainous region, in the cold and cold summers. There is a desert zone to the east from the mountain. This is a cold, warm summer terrain.
Flora and Fauna
California is part of California's floristic province where it is characterized by endemic (48% of all species, 7.5%). In the mountainous areas there are thick woods. Most endemic plants are characterized by: Sequoia sempervirens, Sequoiadendron giganteum, Umbellularia californica, Lithocarpus densiflora, Fremontodendron californicum, Paeonia californica, Crossosoma californicum, Carpenteria californica, Lyonothamnus floribundus, Cercis occidentalis, Pickeringia montana, Staphylea bolanderi, Aesculus californica. There are also endemic species of California deserts (Carnegiea, Washingtonia), and in the south (in the Sonor Desert) known as the bio-plants. There are eight national parks on the state borders. Administrative organization. California has 58 districts and 48 cities. It is located in the state of San Bernardino, the largest county in the United States. The state is not divided into other cities such as "town" and "city", all cities are of the same level. But 458 towns call themselves City of (Name) and 22 Towns (Towns).
Number of people +/-%
92,597 items - - 1860 - 379,994 - 310,4% of 1870
560 247 to 47,4% of 1880 to 864 694
54,3% of 1890
1,193,398 and 40,3% of 1900
1,485,053 to 22,4%
3,426,861 to 44,1%
1930 to 5,677,251 to 65,7% The 1940 to 6,907,387
10 586 223 to 53,3%
15 717 204 to 48,5%
1970 to 19 953 134% to 27%
23,667,902 and 18,6%
29,760,021 to 25,7%
37,253,956 - 10,0%
38,041,383 2,10%
California California Density Map of California most populous nation. There are only 9,800,000 alive in Los Angeles County. California density is about 91 people per square kilometer. (11th place in the United States) Most Californian people are white skins, followed by multimillionaires (one third), African Americans and American Indians.
California's sights
Hollywood Blytforms Mafusail (Fort) Reserve Yousemate National Park Ranco La Brie The MoHawe Craft House - 2000 has been renovated Hurst-Cassel Like other states, California has also railways museums: Lomita, Golden Gate
Sources ↑ Geography of the current world: Chrestomatija. Textbook for the 11th Grade School of Public-Humanitarian Education. / K. Akhmetov, T. Uvaliyev, G. Tusupbekova.

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