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The Seven Geniuses

The Big Dipper is the brightest seven stars of the Great Bear constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. The seven stars are clearly visible from the northern sky, with the shovel shaped shadows and seemed to be turning everyday on the occasion when the Temirkazyk star was transformed into a place of the earth. Seven stars of the Seven stars are the brightest stars, the brightest stars, ranging from 1.8 to the stars, such as Yryk (Aliot) and Eric (Dubke). And the two stars (ε and α) can be found on the Iron Star. There are many galaxies and planetary fogs around the horizons of the seven thieves. The closest galaxy and the Earth's distance are about 70 million. The Light of Change in 150,000 (see 3D red cyan glasses)
Table of Contents
1 The Concept of the Throne
2 Cultural Character
3 The Change of the Heavens 4 Sources:
Kazakh Concept
Night Watch The Kazakh people, who are busy with many livestock farming, have often used the Zhitikara to move around the Temirkazy in the deprivation of land and night time. The best months of the Juventus are March, April. The Seven Wonders of the Republic See The Whole World

The dual light star near the Iron Maiden is the same name as Akpoz horse and Kokboz. Seven pirates swam across the horse, stealing horses to steal the horse-drawn horses. But every morning they get upset and leave behind them.
Second: Seven of the brothers lived in the world a long time ago. Their unity was strong, strong and slanderous. One day, one of the brothers fell in love with the beautiful girl named Ulker, who was strangled. After that action, the other seven others marked out. In order to save their girls from pirates, the Hercules are still chasing the Jetchie, and when it comes, he always gets up in the morning. When it comes to the end, they say that it will be the end of the war, the legend. The brightest of them was that of the pirate father, who was standing beside him. Looking at the fact that you are looking at the Jeep Look at the Horseman At the bottom of the second or third star, you will see a weak light star. Then, two of the celestial world are approaching one another when they are astonished at one another

It may have been in the eyes of many in seven nations that the Seven Splendor, especially the Seven Days of the week, was related to the Seven Gospels. Cultural Characteristics
Zeus War Machine, 1876 The Hindu Culture in the Alfred Church, called the Seven Gospel, is called "Saptarshi", meaning seven stars of the Seven Genius represent the seven Indian Saints, meaning "Seven Saints." The Chinese have called it "The Seven Stars of the North" běidǒu qīxīng).

. (Some legendary bears are Gera.) But Gera keeps telling the goddess Artemis to shoot that bear over a woman without stopping her persecution. So Zeus will have to take Ayu out of space. Thus the Big Bear Constellation appears. And Temirkazik is made up of very bright stars of the same constellation and it is considered individually, because it is a shrub shape.
The Change of the Seven
The Five-Star Beatles are moving along with the Big Beat Constellation. Eric (Dubhne) and Des (Alkaid) on both edges are not specific to constellation but move in different directions. The shape of the Hellenic debauchery today is a product of a long-term transformation. Considering the peculiarity of the stars that make up the Seven Cosmos, its shapes will change completely over 50,000 years later.
Star Name - English
Bayer Star Signal
(Light year)
Erik - Dubhe
α UMa - 1.79 - 124 - Merak

β UMa
Фекда - Kairat - Phecda
γ UMa - 2.41 - 84 - Магрец
δ UMa
ε UMa - 1.76 - 81 - Myers - The Power - Mizar - ζ UMa - 2.23
Ğ￾лькаид - ДеÑ￾
η UMa - 1.85 - 101
The National Encyclopedia of English ↑ Homer Book XVII // The Iliad.


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