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Light is a kind of power. Thanks to this, all living things, including humans, can see the world around them. The light itself is invisible, but it itself causes the other objects to see. It moves along the straight line, whereas the shadow of the object appears when the non-transparent material appears on its way. The shadow is the dark area that appears on the opposite side of the light source .Corresponding light is one of all light in a narrow sense - visible radiation, ie, 7.5 ± 1014 - 4.0 • electromagnetic Wide Angle

5 Light fracture
6 Light scatter
7 See more Page 8 Sources 9 External links - the amount of diffraction of the diffraction of light - the light - the light waves that wave similar to the length of the barrier (to narrow the gap, wrapped in a thin wire, etc.) phenomenon. To have a light diffraction, there must be a clear border of the body to the light. Diffraction is not only characterized by light, but also in other wave processes (for example, wire barriers on the path of mechanical waves, etc.). The law of distribution of light along the straight line during light diffraction, ie the basic laws of geometric optics are violated. Since light wavelengths are very short, normal diffraction is not observed. Light diffraction is one of the main phenomena that proves the wave properties of light. This phenomenon was discovered by the Italian physicist and astronomer Francesco Grimaldi in the 17th century, and explained by French physicist Ogusten Jean Frenelle.
Light speeds
'Light velocity' means any electromagnetic waves (including light) in the free space velocity of propagation in vacuum; one of the fundamental physical constants. The speed of light depends on the mass and full energy of the material body. When the census system changes, the coordinates, speeds, and time conversions are expressed through light velocity. For the first time in 1676, The date astronomer Ole Romer measured the time interval between the Jupiter's satellites (the result of which was s = 215,000 km / h). As a light source, the accuracy of the light velocity increased as a result of the lasers used: c = 299792.5 • 0.15 km / h. Currently, the light velocity is officially c = 299792,458 • 1,2 m / s for the value of the vacuum

Light interference from Earth to Moon
Light interference
Light interference - As a result of light wave overlapping, amplification or weakening. If the two waves and sprouts of the waves, springs and rivers are exactly the same, then they strengthen each other; and one of the sprouts of the other would weaken one another, In the light interference, the intensity of the overlapping light beam does not equal the intensity of the original beam. Mechanical waves are also interfering. Isaac Newton observed some phenomena related to light interference. But he could not explain this phenomenon in terms of his corpuscular theory. At the beginning of the 19th century, English scientist Thomas Jung and French physicist Ogusten Frenel interpreted the light interference as a wave phenomenon. There is no phenomenon of interference when coinciding with any light waves. Only coherent waves are interfered. Light wavelengths are measured using the light interference, the delicate structure of the spectrum is investigated, such as the density of matter and the refractive index.
Light pressure
Light pressure is the body's reflecting pressure. In 1619, it was thought that the effect of the light pressure on the tail of the comet's comet when passing through the sun. the German scientist Johann Kepler for the first time. 1873 English physicist James Maxwell, based on electromagnetic theory, determined the amount of light pressure. 1899 Russian physicist Petr Lebedev measured the light pressure on solid bodies, later gases (1907 - 10). Light pressure can be explained on the basis of electromagnetic theory and quantum theory of light. Under the influence of light pressure, the Earth's satellites have a small orbit.
Light fracture
Fracture of the light is the deviation of the beam from the initial direction of the beam passing into the second envelope to the boundary layer of the two environments. The fracture laws of light are summarized as follows: the perpendicular to the boundary surface, separated by radiation, broken-up radiation and the two environments, belongs to one plane. Reversible radiation and broken irradiation are interconnected; the angular angle of sinus (α) is the constant of the angle of sinus (φ): where n is the refractive index of the medium. The refractive index of this substance is the absolute refractive index of the vacuum compared with the vacuum.
Light emission is a phenomenon observed when the light falls into two different boundaries (at least one transparent). Once the light reflected in the transparent medium reaches a second environment different from that in the environment, some of it is broken down in the other direction, and some of it is back to the first environment. The relative value of refracted and broken rays intensifies light on the surface of the body, light and angle of light, etc. depending on the Occasionally, the light rays are completely refracted.
Light scattering
Light scattering is the direction in which the light differs from the original direction of propagation. This phenomenon is observed in the optical light distribution in the homogeneous environment. In the same environment, the outer particles change the direction of light propagation. Under the influence of the light wave electric field, such medium electrons are inevitable, and produce electromagnetic waves secondary to the initial wave frequency in all directions. The light splashes even when passing through a thoroughly cleaned medium. As the molecules and atoms are continuously in motion, the density of the substance can change in small quantities. This change also results from light scattering.
Report sample
Report 1. The AV item and the CD mirror are as shown in the figure (see 4.40, Fig. Avoid exposing the AB substance to the mirror. Where can one look from the person to see the whole picture? Solution. After radiation emitted from the mirror A, the radiation from the point B is between the SS2 and DD2 constants (in accordance with the law of radiation reflection) within the boundary line SS and DDX (4.40, Fig. Rays emitted from all points of matter can only be seen by the human eye if the line between the SS and DD2 is located on the field. The sun's rays come from the horizontal mirror to the vertical screen. In the horizontal mirror, there is a flat body. Describe the shadow of the vertical screen. Let's fix the height of the item as h, and let it be the pre-screen span I. Take a light screen with a mask. Let's face two scenarios. 1) I & gt; 2 htg a. In this case, the two shades of the straight and inverted plane (Figure 4.41) appear on the screen. The total length of the shadow is 2 hr. The shadows are bright with sunlight and are clearly distinguished from the brightness of the screen with light and sparkling rays. 2) Z & lt; 2 / to dog. In this case, the severity of the shadow is less than 2L. In addition, it has unexplored and exposed rays. [1] [2]
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